HD Vision Special Ops Blue Light Block

$19.99 $9.99

Blue Light Block is a pair of indoor sunglasses that are specially designed to block out the blue light emanating from computers and other devices. This blue light is very harmful, leads to eye strain, and can cause you difficulty falling asleep. The glasses are very lightweight, due to the metal frames which don’t weigh very much. These sunglasses also contain UV protection, so you can wear them out in the sun and feel safe from those harmful rays too.


Bell + Howell Flip-Up Tacglasses Give Crisp Clear Vision without Any Glare, As Seen on TV!

$29.99 $19.99

plastic frame

gradient lens


Lens width: 2.5 inches

MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: Fits over existing eyeglasses to protect from harmful UV-rays while still retaining visual clarity.

VERSATILE: Easily flips out of the way when you don’t need it and snap it right back on when it gets too bright!

COMFORTABLE: Non-intrusive and comfortable fit for everyone. You can wear them by themselves or even if you already wear eyeglasses!


Big Vision Magnifying Glasses

$12.99 $9.99
  • 160% Magnification
  • Great for sewing & crafts, reading fine print, detailed work, etc
  • Makes everyday tasks easy
  • Fits over prescription glasses
  • Flexible, lightweight, unisex frames.

One Power Readers – AS SEEN ON TV! – Read Small Print and Computer Screens

$19.99 $14.99
  • Adjusts to Different Strengths Depending on Your Power Needs
  • Read Fine Print & Computer Screens Without Changing Glasses
  • Share the Same Pair – Corrects for Almost Anyone
  • Durable Spring Hinges – Wear Over Contacts

Tearless Onion Proof Goggles

$25.85 $17.20

Eye protection technology meets kitchen practicality with the ORIGINAL patented and innovative Onion Goggles
The comfortable unisex patented design fits snugly on most face shapes but won’t fit over eyeglasses. Measures 6-inches by 2-1/3-inches by 2-inches
No more tears! The comfortable foam seal blocks out irritating vapors and the slightly tinted and fog-free lenses add to the maximum clarity of the goggles
These unique tear-free glasses promote safe food preperation and cooking eliminating smoke, embers, steam and onion and pepper fumes that cause eye irritation
These multi functional goggles can be used for yard work, bike riding, skiing and for dry eye as well! Wipe goggles clean with a clean lint free cloth


TAC GLASSES by Bell+Howell Sports Polarized Sunglasses for Men/Women

$29.99 $17.50

POLARIZED: Blocks harmful UV rays and glare, improving visibility against reflective surfaces like asphalt-covered road, snow, sand, etc.
Light-Filtering Improves visual clarity even under low light conditions and sharpens colors or edges of objects.
Get the aesthetic design, construction, and functionality of costly eyewear for a fraction of the cost.
Extra-durable, black matte frame and rust-proof screws; lenses are corrosion-proof against alkaline conditions such as exposure to oceanic sprays.
1-Size-Fits-All : Sits firm and tight when worn.


Battle Vision HD Polarized Sunglasses Set of 2

$29.99 $18.50

POLARIZED SUNGLASSES: polarized lenses let you see clearer, enhancing clarity & color with UV protection.
ATOMIC TOUGH: frames are made from shape memory polymer & snap back into shape.
INCLUDED: Two (2) pairs of Battle Vision Polarized Sunglasses.


Big Vision Glasses – 160 Degrees Magnifying Eyewear That Makes Everything Bigger and Clearer

$13.99 $9.99
  • 1.5x power (equivalent to +2.25 diopters) 160 percent magnification.
  • The best in comfort, protection and style with a range of 1.5x magnification strength. An excellent choice for workers needing increased magnification for close-up inspection or fine detail work.
  • fits a variety of facial configurations very well & designed specially for extra sharpness and clarity. It can enlarge fine print in jewelry, maps, newspapers, directories, legal documents, coins, stamps and antiques etc.
  • See things big and clear. Hands-free magnification glasses helps to increase productivity and aids in visual precision during everyday close work tasks.

Slapshades Original Folding Polarized Slap Wristband Snap Bracelets Glasses

$19.99 $9.99
  • plastic frame
  • Plastic lens
  • polarized
  • Lens width: 154 millimeters
  • NOVELTY DESIGN: That you take off your glasses, to the arm of a rejection snapped! It becomes a bracelet, you no longer have to worry about sunglasses into the pocket will jump out
  • FOLDABLE AND PORTABLE: Fold the frame and Slap it around your wrist or steering wheel, bike handlebars, easy to use and hold it tight
  • PROTECT YOUR EYES: 100% UV protection.

EZ Makeup Magnifying Lens Glasses

$19.99 $9.50

EZ Makeup Glasses Magnifying Lens Now you can see clearly while applying makeup. EZ Makeup Glasses have a 3X magnifying lens that switches from side to side so you can see clearly with one eye while you apply makeup to the other. The glasses have built-in LED lights on each side so you can easily tweeze eyebrows, insert contact lenses, apply false eyelashes.


Cut Resistant Gloves

$19.99 $10.20
  • Material: Use special high polyethylene fiber and elastic material, comfortable and protect your hand, flexible operation, Not too hard, No sliding.
  • Food Grade Level 5 Protection: The cut work gloves meet food grade, and high polyethylene 5 cut resistance protect your hand when you working. Gloves are lightweight and breathable.
  • Multi-Use: Kitchen Gloves great for oyster shucking, wood carving, butchering, whittling, meat cutting and so much more.
  • Easy Clean: the kitchen gloves are hand and machine washable, Easy maintain and keep clean.
  • Size: Small, Medium, Large and X-Large, Superior grip with a snug fit for small and large hands.

Dial Vision Unisex Glasses by BulbHead, Adjustable Lenses from -6D to +3D Power

$29.99 $15.99
  • Dial Vision matches your prescription for each eye with power from -6D to +3D
  • Easily adjusts from distance glasses to reading glasses
  • Flexible frame has impact resistant lenses
  • Unisex design is perfect for men and women
  • Includes 1 pair of Dial Vision glasses
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