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Electric Portable Handheld Garment Steam Iron

$59.99 $39.99

Product: Handheld Garment Steamer
Model: GT-301W
Rated Voltage: 220V/50Hz (please confirm whether you can use the voltage or not in your country, thank you)
Rated power: 1200W
Steam Volume: 22g/min


Garlic Press. Stainless Steel Mincer & Crusher With Silicone Roller Peeler. Easy Squeeze, Rust Proof, Dishwasher Safe, Easy Clean

$19.99 $12.99
  • SOLID STAINLESS STEEL GARLIC PRESS. The rust proof garlic press is made from 100% premium 304 stainless steel. The peeler tube is made from tough FDA approved silicone. These are cooking gadgets to last a lifetime.
  • GARLIC MINCER FOR UNPEELED CLOVES. Thanks to the heavy duty construction and ingenious design, you can easily mince unpeeled garlic cloves. Once you press the handles, delicious paste is squeezed out, leaving just the peel inside.
  • A GARLIC CRUSHER THAT’S A BREEZE TO CLEAN. The large chamber flips out for easy cleaning. Simply rinse under running water or run through the dishwasher. Bonus cleaning brush included.
  • MULTI-USE & VERSATILE. Crush garlic, ginger and nuts with ease. Want peeled garlic for slicing? No problem! Use our amazing garlic peeler / roller to get the job done. Full instructions included in the box

Kuhn Rikon Epicurean Garlic Press Easy Clean, Stainless Steel

$39.99 $19.99
  • Powerful lever does most of the work for you.
  • 60% less effort needed.
  • Press peeled or unpeeled garlic cloves.
  • Stainless sieve hinges out for easy cleaning.

Kuhn Rikon Easy-Clean Garlic Press, No Need to Peel, 7” Red

$19.99 $9.99
  • Smoothly presses garlic cloves
  • The stainless steel basket swings out for quick clean up
  • Swiss design
  • Great color selection
  • Dishwasher safe

Blaupunkt Creative 3 In 1 Strong Function Humidifier Fan Heater

$69.99 $59.99
  • The Blaupunkt Pure Hot purifies, heats you delivering multi functionality, without compromise
  • HEATING: Can be used for long range personal heating or fast, even room heating
  • MULTI FUNCTIONALITY: Space Heater; Tower Fan; and HEPA Air Purifier
  • OTHER FEATURES: Sleep timer, oscillation, 10 Air Speed settings and automatic shut off if tipped over

1000W 2 In 1 Air Cooler Fan Warmer Mini Desktop

$59.99 $49.99

SmartFrog Team Has won many World Design Oscar Awards,such as reddot design award,IF Product Design Award,PIN UP Design Award etc.
The SmartFrog Mini Electric Heater is from You Pin, high quality guaranteed.


Blaupunkt 3 In 1 Strong Function Humidifier Fan Heater

$99.99 $89.99
  • The Blaupunkt Pure Hot purifies, heats you delivering multi functionality, without compromise
  • HEATING: Can be used for long range personal heating or fast, even room heating
  • MULTI FUNCTIONALITY: Space Heater; Tower Fan; and HEPA Air Purifier
  • OTHER FEATURES: Sleep timer, oscillation, 10 Air Speed settings and automatic shut off if tipped over

2 In 1 Air Cooler & Heater Large Fan 2 Directions Cool & Heat

$69.99 $59.99

Thanks to CleverMart’s advanced heating & cooling technology, you’ll feel constant and comfort warm in cold winter, flowing and evenly air in hot summer.

You won’t need to purchase both heater and fan separately.

  • 3 colors to choose: Space Silver, White, Blue
  • 2 in 1 – a real fan heater for all seasons use and whole room use
  • Arctic Air Technology – fully circulate air evenly throughout the whole room (up to 60 sq.ft.)



Collapsible Water Bottle 750ml

$19.99 $14.99

Collapsible Water Bottle 750ml

$19.99 $14.99

Water is an unbeatable thirst quencher, no matter whether you are hanging out at the gym, are out on a hike or just sitting at the offer. Taking your own water bottle along is usually pretty handy – that is until the bottle is empty and it unnecessarily takes up space in your bag. Imagine if you could fold up the water bottle when it’s not being used! And of course you can! Our collapsible water bottle is both super compact and very practical!

The bottle is made of silicone, which makes it both resilient and flexible, and you can, for instance, bend it in order for it more easily to reach the crane if you are filling the bottle at the sink. When folded up, the bottle’s volume is 300 ml and takes up a minimum of space in the package; when unfolded, it can hold as much as 750 ml – perfect for an extended excursion or as a thirst quencher following a sweaty session at the gym! The airtight lid features a practical loop that lets you, for instance, attach the compact water bottle on the outside of your backpack.


Roovia Personal Space Heater By Insta Heater

$79.99 $57.99
  • 600 Watts Operates between 60 and 90 Degrees
  • No cables to trip over. Space saving design.
  • Plugs directly into wall.

Copper Chef Want The Secret to Making Perfect Eggs & More C Electric Cooker Set-14 Capacity. Hard Boiled, Poached, Scrambled Eggs, or Omelets Automatic Shut Off

$39.99 $29.99

With the Copper Chef Perfect Egg Maker, you can make delicious eggs without the mess and hassle, with the ability to cook up to 14 large hard-boiled eggs at the same time in just minutes! Whether it’s hard-boiled eggs, gooey yolk soft boiled or even scrambled, poached & omelettes, the Copper Chef Perfect Egg Maker can do it in a flash! The secret is the one-touch-easy Egg Right Technology that circulates heat evenly within the clear ‘Cook and Look’ dome!


Fan with Humidifier from Vooni

$29.99 $19.99

Say goodbye to those intolerably hot days when you feel like you are melting away at your desk with your mouth wide open and panting! Say hello instead to your new best friend in the form of a table fan that gives cooling relief a new name! This fan offers a pleasant cooling relief with its fan function while at the same time moisturising the air by blowing out a water mist from its removable tank at the bottom. This is known as a “misting fan”, a smart 2-in-1 solution that will come to good use when you need it most, no matter whether you are at work or at home on the sofa!

This portable fan will be a hero in your hour of need on those days when an open window just won’t do. You know, those days where you spend just a little too long at the open refrigerator door, with your face as far into that heavenly coolness as it can go, making it look like you are looking for a refrigerator Narnia to enter. Close the fridge! When the heatwave hits, you should stand there with your fan and treat yourself to a cooling breeze with water mist, while the sweat drips off all the jealous people around you. You can even add a little fragrance to enjoy it all the more!


Creative Stainless Steel Egg Separator Opener Eggshell Cracker Cutter

$19.99 $14.99

Premium Material: SUS 304 food grade stainless steel, No rusting, durable and safe.

Egg shell opener : Streamlined handle, comfortable and labor-saving. Two cones of cones into the eggshell, Can separate the perfect eggshell.

Raw egg opener tool holder : Stable to support egg, not easy to fall down, and does not produce broken eggshells. Quickly open eggs not dirty hands.

Package: 1 x egg accessories

Quail egg & Poached egg opener : Perfect for All Size Eggs, also used on raw, hard boiled egg, or raw eggs for baking & egg cooker.


ezEggs Shake To Peel & Hard-boiled Eggs Stripper

$19.99 $9.99

Peel up to 3 hard boiled eggs in less than 10 seconds!

  • Just fill with water, add eggs, and shake.
  • Nests for easy storage. Dishwasher safe.
  • Patented elliptical design instantly loosens shells.


Spicy Shelf Deluxe – Expandable Spice Rack and Stackable Cabinet & Pantry Organizer – As seen on TV

$19.99 $15.99
  • Turns a mess of spices into an organized masterpiece!^Spicy Shelf expands and contracts to fit all cupboards. Spice shelf width is adjustable between 7 3/8 and 32 3/4 inches.^Can be stacked or placed side by side so there is no wasted space.^Spice rack holds up to 64 bottles of spices. Can also be used to organize medicines
  • supplements
  • cosmetics
  • and craft supplies.^Spicy Shelf kitchen cabinet organizers are easy to install and no tools are required. Use the freestanding legs or your existing shelf pins.

Multi-Function Storage Rack

$19.99 $15.99

Kitchen messy, take up the space, too many bottles and cans lead to a lot of items can not be placed! At this time you need a proper receive storage rack to collect them.


Calotti® Rotary-Scoop-Spatula for Thermomix® TM5®, TM6® and TM31® for Removing, Scooping and Portioning

$19.99 $15.99
  • Patented Rotary-Scoop-Spatula fitting the mixing pot of the Thermomix TM6 / TM5 / TM31.
  • Fits perfectly between knife and mixer wall.
  • Makes it easier to pick, remove, and portion food.
  • Fibreglass reinforced hard plastic, dishwasher-safe, and heat-resistant.
  • 100% made in Germany, BPA-free, suitable for preparing baby food.

Household Mildew Mold Remover Gel

$9.99 $6.99


  •  99% reviewers recommend this product
  •  100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  •  Safe & Secure Checkouts
  •  Money Back Guarante
  •  Insured Worldwide Shipping

Stainless Steel Seafood Lobster Fish Shrimp Crab Scissors

$19.99 $7.99
  • Flexible stainless steel blade for intricate cuts and inspired garnishing
  • Provides strong, durable and has a super sharp blade
  • Knife is ideal for potatoes, zucchini, cucumbers and carrots

Round Food Preservation Tray Stackable Food Storage Container Round Kitchen Tools

$19.99 $15.90

1. Multiple Functions: Our trays are suitable for any food, including raw meat, fish, nuts, bread, fruits, vegetables,
delicatessen and more. The buckle design makes food easier to be sealed and keeps food fresh for longer.
2. Washable and Reusable: The tray is applicable to dishwashers. From now on, let us get rid of disposable plastic
packaging and plastic bags. Protect the environment and the health of our family.
3. Space Saving: Allows you to stack multiple trays to save space and carry easily. Suitable for parties, picnics,
barbecues, camping, and all other occasions where trays are needed to store food.
4. Premium Material: The trays are made of high quality, and it is reusable after cleaning.
5. Multiple Functions: Suitable for freezer, small refrigerator and other facilities.


All-in-One Portable Pour Over Coffee Maker for Camping, Travel & Office

$89.99 $69.99
  • Red silicone over stainless steel
  • Convenient all-in-one integrated design
  • Eco-friendly with no filters to replace or disposable cups
  • Easily adjustable ceramic burr-grinder
  • Lid for either the drip kettle or tumbler

Recolte Capsule Cutter Quatre “Bonne” (Carmine Red) RCP-3(R)

$69.90 $49.90

The capsule type food processor which only pushes the part of one 7 upper part of “I smash it and mix it and carve and crush it and work it out and beat it and take it down”. Chipped ice and the grated radish are OK, too!


Hurricane Rug Scrubby The Instant Rug Rejuvenator – As Seen On TV

$39.99 $25.99

This is the patented deep-cleaning brush that teams with a professional-strength waterless shampoo to rejuvenate rugs without backbreaking labor. Created by an innovative 75-year-old supplier to the floor care industry, the rotary brush’s two sets of bristles enable gentle or vigorous scrubbing as they work the foaming shampoo deep into carpet fibers. The shampoo dries into dirt-trapping crystals that are easily vacuumed up, removing even ground-in dirt without requiring stooping or scrubbing on hands and knees. The shampoo is safe for pets, gentle enough to use on delicate oriental rugs, and won’t leave a sticky residue. Adjustable tubular steel handle accommodates most users and retracts to 30″ L for compact storage. Includes 32-oz. of shampoo that cleans approximately 125′ sq. 50″ L x 10 1/4″ W x 3 1/4″ D.


Pop Microwave Popcorn Lid

$19.95 $10.95

Pop Microwave Popcorn Lid

$19.95 $10.95
  • Talisman Designs Pop Silicone Microwave Popcorn Lid for quick, fresh, healthy microwave popcorn without a splattery mess
  • Made from BPA free, FDA approved silicone; heat-resistant to 500-degrees Fahrenheit; measures 10-inches in diameter
  • Works with any size microwave-safe bowl; lid keeps kernels from popping out as they cook; 5 built-in vents slowly melt butter as corn pops
  • Measure kernels into a microwave safe bowl, add butter and seasoning, place in microwave and cook; remove lid carefully to enjoy fresh healthy popcorn
  • Easy to use; healthier and more economical than buying packaged popcorn; microwave safe; dishwasher safe for easy cleanup

Jumbo Ice Ball Maker

$9.99 $5.90

Jumbo Ice Ball Maker

$9.99 $5.90

Product measures 3.15″D; Actual ice ball will measure 2.5″D. -Won’t spill during your trek from the sink to the freezer. –

Larger ice means drinks stay cooler longer-won’t melt as fast!.

Number of Items Included: -4. Product

Type: -Ice Cube Trays. Dimensions: Overall Height –

Top to Bottom: -6″. Overall Width – Side to Side: -3.15″.

Overall Depth – Front to Back: -3.15″. Overall Product Weight: -0.19 lbs.

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