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Arctic Air Freedom

$39.99 $29.99

When it’s finally time to get out of the house and start enjoying the outdoors again, you want to stay calm and comfortable while you’re camping, watching sports, enjoying the beach, or just kicking back in your backyard. That’s why we created the Arctic Air Freedom Hands-Free Neck Fan that helps cool you down with adjustable fan speeds that provide 360 of coverage. Perfect for everyday use or when you’re enjoying the big game, it’s the ideal fan for those who want to cool down even when they’re on the move.


Blaupunkt Creative 3 In 1 Strong Function Humidifier Fan Heater

$69.99 $59.99
  • The Blaupunkt Pure Hot purifies, heats you delivering multi functionality, without compromise
  • HEATING: Can be used for long range personal heating or fast, even room heating
  • MULTI FUNCTIONALITY: Space Heater; Tower Fan; and HEPA Air Purifier
  • OTHER FEATURES: Sleep timer, oscillation, 10 Air Speed settings and automatic shut off if tipped over

1000W 2 In 1 Air Cooler Fan Warmer Mini Desktop

$59.99 $49.99

SmartFrog Team Has won many World Design Oscar Awards,such as reddot design award,IF Product Design Award,PIN UP Design Award etc.
The SmartFrog Mini Electric Heater is from You Pin, high quality guaranteed.


Blaupunkt 3 In 1 Strong Function Humidifier Fan Heater

$99.99 $89.99
  • The Blaupunkt Pure Hot purifies, heats you delivering multi functionality, without compromise
  • HEATING: Can be used for long range personal heating or fast, even room heating
  • MULTI FUNCTIONALITY: Space Heater; Tower Fan; and HEPA Air Purifier
  • OTHER FEATURES: Sleep timer, oscillation, 10 Air Speed settings and automatic shut off if tipped over

2 In 1 Air Cooler & Heater Large Fan 2 Directions Cool & Heat

$69.99 $59.99

Thanks to CleverMart’s advanced heating & cooling technology, you’ll feel constant and comfort warm in cold winter, flowing and evenly air in hot summer.

You won’t need to purchase both heater and fan separately.

  • 3 colors to choose: Space Silver, White, Blue
  • 2 in 1 – a real fan heater for all seasons use and whole room use
  • Arctic Air Technology – fully circulate air evenly throughout the whole room (up to 60 sq.ft.)



Roovia Personal Space Heater By Insta Heater

$79.99 $57.99
  • 600 Watts Operates between 60 and 90 Degrees
  • No cables to trip over. Space saving design.
  • Plugs directly into wall.

Fan with Humidifier from Vooni


Say goodbye to those intolerably hot days when you feel like you are melting away at your desk with your mouth wide open and panting! Say hello instead to your new best friend in the form of a table fan that gives cooling relief a new name! This fan offers a pleasant cooling relief with its fan function while at the same time moisturising the air by blowing out a water mist from its removable tank at the bottom. This is known as a “misting fan”, a smart 2-in-1 solution that will come to good use when you need it most, no matter whether you are at work or at home on the sofa!

This portable fan will be a hero in your hour of need on those days when an open window just won’t do. You know, those days where you spend just a little too long at the open refrigerator door, with your face as far into that heavenly coolness as it can go, making it look like you are looking for a refrigerator Narnia to enter. Close the fridge! When the heatwave hits, you should stand there with your fan and treat yourself to a cooling breeze with water mist, while the sweat drips off all the jealous people around you. You can even add a little fragrance to enjoy it all the more!


Instant Heater: Instant-heat, indoor/outdoor radiation heater

$299.00 $199.00
  • Radiant heat rays that heat you directly
  • 100% weatherproof
  • Not affected by wind and rain
  • Carbon fibre bulb technology
  • Heats up to 3 x times faster than gas
  • Can save you over 50% on heating
  • Built-in eco motion sensors and timer

Insta Heater Electric Ceramic Portable Small Personal Space Heater for Office and Home with Adjustable Thermostat

$49.99 $32.99
  • User-friendly Setting & Adjustable Thermostat: SIX settings meet your needs all year round: 1. High heat (1500W) 2. High heat with oscillation (1500W) 3. Low heat (900W) 4. Low heat with oscillation (900W) 5. Fan only (5W) 6. Fan with oscillation (5W). Adjustable thermostat keeps your room at a stable temperature according to the thermostat setting and provides you with personalized comfort. Indicator will light up when plugged in.
  • Multiple Safeguards: 1. The extended button at the bottom of the heater automatically cuts the power off if the heater falls, even when it is on a carpet. 2. The overheat protection system turns off the unit when it overheats. 3. The surface is made of ABS class fire retardant material which has the highest fire-protection rating of V-0 through combustion test. 4. ETL verified.
  • PCT Ceramic Heating & 70° Oscillation: Ceramic heater can heat up rapidly in 3 seconds and has a long service life. Although it’s a small size heater, the amount of heat it emits is the same as that of a larger heater. Besides, it has a 70 degree oscillation function which allows the wind to blow in multiple directions to heat up your ambient environment.
  • Portable Space Heater with Handle: The handle allows for easy mobility and its small size creates room for other objects. The 1.8-meter cord expands the placement range.
  • Quiet Worker: The working sound level of the heater is about 50dB which meets market standards.

Mini Flame Heater, Portable Space Heater Fan Heater with Adjustable Thermostat

$35.99 $32.99

Mini Electronic Flame Model LED wall-mounted electric fireplace creates a dull wall by bringing luxurious warmth to the room. With the space-saving design, This Heater is the perfect solution for any wall space that can be updated with the most advanced. Get the look and feel of a traditional fireplace without chimneys or expensive modifications.


Breeze Blast – The worlds first portable, personal air cooler

$39.99 $35.99

Introducing Breeze Blast the world’s first portable, personal air cooler that makes it fast and easy to escape the heat!

Breeze Blast’s Turbine fan draws in hot air throuth the dual intake vents and down throuth coiled ducts to creat a vortex that whirls arount the frozez blast packs cooling the air before it blows back up and out of the directional blower.

[video width="416" height="234" mp4="https://www.clevermart.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/breeze-blast-gif.mp4" autoplay="true"][/video]

DONYER POWER 14″ Mini Electric Fireplace Tabletop Portable Heater, 1500W, Black Metal Frame,Room Heater,Space Heater

$68.99 $58.99

Applied style: European classic, American country, modern luxury The design inspiration comes from the classic styles of European palaces and combines changeable modern aesthetics with smooth arc lines and details control to enable this 14-inch mini fireplace to be the provider of heat source and to burnish the room, matching the decoration design in winter.


900W Mini Portable Electric Heater Fan Air Warmer Fireplace Flame Heater Remote Control

$29.99 $23.90
– Convenient Remote Control.
– Energy saving, and super quiet.
– PTC ceramic heating technology.
– Built-in Adjustable Thermostat and On/Off Timer.
– Small, light and easy to use, just plug it into the socket.
– Great for Travel.Use it at home or on the travel conveniently.
– High electrothermal conversion rate, rapid heating-up and uniform heating.

ZAAHN Ultra Chill Personal Cooler and Humidifier | Compact and Portable

$39.99 $24.99

This compact but mighty personal air cooler pulls in the warm air from the room into its filter-less body where its ultrasonic mist maker cools and humidifies the air. The Ultra Chill instantly gives you a personal comfort zone – cooling, humidifying, and improving quality of the air! The Ultra Chill also features a soothing mood light and can last up to 10 hours (on the intermittent mode) and up to 5 hours on continuous mode.


Honeywell Heat Bud Ceramic Personal Heater, Black

$29.99 $17.99
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT HEAT: The Honeywell HeatBud Ceramic Personal Heater is a 250 watt energy efficient solution that provides just the right amount of heat for you. Specially designed for personal warmth, it’s perfect for use at home, school or office
  • EASY TO USE: Designed with ceramic technology that provides fast, even heating, this energy efficient heater uses only 250 watts. It features 2 heat settings, easy one button controls, a tip over switch, cool touch housing & overheat protection
  • INCREASE YOUR COMFORT: Using portable heaters in your home can help increase comfort & supplement home heating needs. There is a range of Honeywell heaters covering personal, ceramic, fan forced, radiant and infrared to meet all your heating needs
  • SMART SAVINGS: Portable heaters are a smart and easy way to add warmth to any space. By turning down your whole house thermostat a few degrees and heating just the room you are in, a Honeywell heater can help you save money while providing soothing warmth
  • HONEYWELL QUALITY: Help improve heating & energy savings in your home, office or at school using a Honeywell portable heater

Fast Cooler Pro – The Powerful & Portable Personal Air Cooler!

$49.99 $39.99

The secret lies in hydrocool technology. An evaporative cooling filter is used, which draws in hot air and instantly transforms it into cool, refreshing air sufficient to keep the whole room pleasant and cool day and night. Fast Cooler Pro consumes only a fraction of the energy and saves money.


Pure Enrichment Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

$69.99 $35.99
  • ULTRASONIC COOL MIST TECHNOLOGY: Safely moisturizes the air for up to 16 hours of continuous operation so you can breathe easy and get more restful sleep | High and low speed settings make it easy to adjust mist direction and speed to fit your comfort level
  • 1.5-LITER WATER TANK: Provides ideal coverage for bedrooms, offices, and other medium-sized rooms

Airwirl™ Personal Cooling & Heating System

$139.99 $89.99

Just fill Airwirl™ with 1-2 cups of ice and let the magic happen

Airwirl helps cool you down fast

To warm up on a chilly day just add 2-4 activated warmers

Wait 20-30 minutes to heat up, then experience hours of warm air comfort


Sharper Image & Technical Pro BBQ GRILL LIGHT & FAN

$39.99 $29.99

• Quality crafted for reliability and long life
• Dual, pivoting fans cool workspace, blowing smoke up and away from chef’s eyes and face
• Fans and light have separate on/off switches and swivel independently for the perfect positioning
• Sturdy universal clamps attach to most BBQ hoods.


Arctic Air Ultra 677 CFM Compact Portable Evaporative Air Cooler for 45 sq.ft.

$39.99 $27.99
  • Cools, humidifies and purifies any space with 2x cooling power!
  • Hydro chill technology- turns hot air into cool refreshing air
  • Quick and easy top-fill water tank – runs up to 10 hours per fill
  • Evaporative air Filter- and reusable
  • Adjustable multi-directional air vent

Handy Heater | Plug-in Personal Heater

$25.99 $17.85

EASY TO USE: The Handy Heater is made for your convenience. Simply plug in the Handy Heater into any outlet for quick and easy heat instantly!
DIGITAL TEMPERATURE DISPLAY: The Handy Heater features a digital temperature display where you can adjust to your ideal temperature. It also features a programmable 12-hour timer.
COMPACT DESIGN: Have warmth and comfort wherever you like to relax – the Handy Heater’s compact design allows to travel with you wherever you’d like to keep warm.
COOL TO THE TOUCH: The Handy Heater stays cools to the touch, so no worry about accidentally touching it and getting burnt! It’s hassle and worry free in any environment.
ENERGY SMART HEATING POWER: The Handy Heater features 350 watt energy-smart heating power, to warm up your space no matter how big or small.
Heating coverage:- 249 square feet


Insta Heater Portable Heater

$39.99 $21.99

Warm up any room in your home safety and effectively using thermal flow technology
600W power with auto shut off and stay cool plastic housing
Fast, easy and safe heat, anywhere and anytime. No wire no hassle
The amazing wall heater that plugs into your outlet
Use in the bathroom, garage, office, shed, dorm and nursery


Space Vortex Heater with Air Circulator Fan, 2 in 1, 900W/1500W, ETL Listed, Auto Tip-Over Shut Off & Overheat Protection for All Seasons & Whole Room

$49.99 $39.99
  • 【Cooling & Heating Fan】PELONIS Fan&Heater Equipped with high & low cooling mode , you are allowed to get a whole-room cooling comfort when using air conditioner in Summer. And the Rapid heating system only takes 2 seconds with 900W & 1500W heating mode for you to enjoy the warmth comfortably in Winter. The dual mode quiet fan provides you maximum convenience. This portable quiet fan can be your accompany all year around.
  • 【Air Circulation】This air circulator fan can widely balance the temperature to archieve the whole room cooling comfort & save electricity of your air conditioner. The air circulator fan is also ideal for personal using in the sultry office, desk and small space.
  • 【Portability】 Small-size electric quiet fan will be a great choice for office, home use. Specially designed with built-in carrying handle , More convenient for you to move and place this portable space fan. Adopting upgrades technology, this portable fan is quiet when working, reading or sleeping. It keeps you pleasantly cool and comfortable without noise.

Auto Fan Solar Powered Ventilation System

$19.99 $10.99
  1. Versatile car solar Fan
  2. Prevent the buildup of heat inside the car
  3. Fits almost any car window
  4. Solar powered. No external power source required
  5. No batteries required
  6. Easy to install and remove
  7. Comes with the adjustable rubber strip
  8. Can eliminate unpleasant and stinky odors from the vehicle

Evapolar evaLIGHT Personal Evaporative Air Cooler and Humidifier – Cleaner, Portable Air Conditioner

$159.00 $129.00

Evapolar evaLIGHT Personal Evaporative Air Cooler and Humidifier – Cleaner, Portable Air Conditioner (Black) EvaLIGHT is a small portable USB-powered air cooler/conditioner that spreads coolness naturally in the same way the air is cooled in nature. The temperature drop might be as high as 15C. The outcoming air is also humidified and purified and is perfect for your breathing.

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