As Seen On TV Ped Egg Power

$39.99 $11.99
  • Blade-free, safe operation
  • Simple-to-use foot callus remover
  • Increase your confidence and comfort
  • Spins over 2000 times per minute to make quick work of dead and rough skin
  • Painless everyday foot care
  • Makes an excellent gift
  • Baby-smooth feet in minutes
  • As Seen on TV

As Seen on TV Ped Egg Powerball Rechargeable Callus Remover

$39.99 $15.95

The As Seen on TV Ped Egg Powerball Rechargeable Callus Remover will make a handy addition to your self-care gear with a performance that stands out. It has a handy design that is easy to work with. This cordless electric callus remover pivots front to back and left to right for an easy glide around every curve of your foot.


Pedi Vac by Ped Egg – Callus Remover for Feet with Built-in Vacuum Removes Dead Skin from Feet with 2000 RPMs

$39.99 $17.99
  • SALON RESULTS: why risk hurting yourself with that old heel scraper for feet or callus remover chemicals when you can easily get professional results in your home with our electric foot callus remover.
  • POWERFUL FOOT CALLUS REMOVER: effortless remove dead skin and hard calluses with 2000 RPMs of power — nano-abrasion heads rotate at high speed creating the perfect dead skin remover for feet.
  • INSTANT RESULTS: watch in amazement as our electric callus remover for feet blasts through dead skin and hard-to-remove calluses, revealing smooth skin – and with a built-in vacuum, there’s no mess!
  • RECHARGEABLE BATTERY: simply charge PediVac for approximately 40 minutes and it’s ready for up to an hour of powerful use! You save money over time because there’s no batteries to replace.

Dr Scholl Velvet Smooth Wet & Dry Rechargeable Roll For Pedicure

$49.99 $33.99
  • Water resistant, can be used in the shower to remove wet and dry hard skin.
  • Dual speed system to suit the needs of all skin types.
  • Rechargeable and wireless: Continuous efficiency, No need for batteries makes the device more lightweight.
  • Extra power (2400 rpm).
  • Looks more modern and feminine.

Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Foot File With Diamond Crystals

$39.99 $25.99

For easy feeling silky, smooth and beautiful feet. The surface of the Velvet Smooth (TM) treatment roller is filled with long-lasting micro abrasive particles and finely ground diamond crystals. It removes the roughest skin from the first application and leaves visibly smoother and softer feet. Ergonomically shaped soft touch handle, interchangeable treatment rollers with diamond crystals, gentle and effective circular motions, battery operated, ready for use.


Handy Sheetz Flexible Non-Stick Silicone Bakeware for Mix and Match Sheet Pan Meals for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner, Easy Cleanup, No Mixing Flavors

$29.99 $17.99

Handy Sheetz are the flexible silicone bakeware that lets you make an entire meal with several dishes on just ONE sheet pan! Mix and match them for hearty breakfasts, healthier lunches, delicious homemade meals, and decadent desserts. It’s sheet pan cooking, reimagined!


Lap Desk – Fits up to 17 inches Laptop Desk, Built in Mouse Pad & Wrist Pad for Notebook

$79.99 $49.99

This  lap desk is built with an environmentally friendly wooden panel and dual bolster cushions for comfort and support. It can be used while lying on your bed or sofa or while traveling. You may use it as a laptop stand, work stand, reading desk or for whatever situation you may need it


The Original Wedgie Pillow – Adjustable Sectional Back Pillow with Lumbar Tubes for Superior Comfort, Head & Neck Cushion

$29.99 $24.99

The Wedgie’s sectional tubular design allows this cushion/pillow to be formed into a variety of shapes to support seated and reclining positions. It maintains its shape without snapping back, and molds itself to any body shape and position. Our pillow is the “save your back, tushy and neck” kind-of cushion. You have a back cushion with lumbar control – just fold once or twice and WEDGE it in there! Neck hurts laying down? Still hurts sitting up? Fold it, wedge it….. get it?! Why buy a neck pillow, a seat cushion and a back support pad when you can just get a Wedgie.


6 in 1 Bottle Opener, All in One Jar Gripper Can Wine Beer

$19.90 $9.90

6-in-1 multi-function opener opens up to six different types of seals/covers: bags, safety seals, pull rings, caps, caps, can lids
The easy-to-grip handle is ideal for children, the elderly and arthritis patients. Opening any cover is a breeze. The opening angle is very large, and the larger can lid can be unscrewed
A good helper for housework, a good gift for your mother/wife, so she can easily solve the most sturdy bottles and jars. Open bottle head is made of stainless steel, handle PP+TPR, comfortable to handle, high hardness, corrosion resistant
You can open the lid without hurting your hands or using too much power. Increased efficiency and comfort, making it ideal for patients with hand injuries or arthritis
Dimensions: 14.5*6.2*2.4 cm, safe can opener, after opening the can, the cover is smooth and smooth, not hurting the hand
[name] multi-function can opener
Color: black red
[Use] Open beer, pull the ring, screw the cap, tear the bottle tin foil, screw the glass lid, tear open the mouth
1. Allows small measurement errors due to manual measurements
2. Due to lighting, etc., color difference may occur, please understand


Rinseroo Universal Slip-On Silicone Shower Sprinkler Hose

$39.99 $19.99

Hose for any connection

What is the most dreaded place to clean in your home? The shower! You might think – hey, the water supply is right there, all you need to do is run a sponge over it. If you’re thinking this…you clearly don’t clean the shower in your home. How do you get the water to hit all the walls – you don’t, so you end up having to fill a bucket and hope that you rinse all the soap residue off the walls before it dries. With the Rinseroo you can now reach all the nooks and crannies of your shower ensuring it’s as squeaky clean as you when you walk out.


Go Swing Rotary Can Opener

$19.90 $9.90

Our Go Swing™ Opener is a bar tool designed to remove the top of almost any can, which enhances your drinking experience and allows you to do things with the can that you never thought you could.


Personal Pedi Electronic Hand and Foot File and Callus Remover

$39.99 $9.50

Having trouble getting rid of rough, callused skin on your hands and feet? Smooth Reach Personal Pedi comes to the rescue of men and women in need of a fast, easy way to eliminate hardened skin.


MicroTouch Max 5-in-1 Personal Hair Trimmer for Men by As Seen on TV

$49.99 $13.99

All-In-One Personal Trimmer that trims hair with micro precision. It is great for your nose, ear, eyebrow, neckline, and sideburns. Includes Non slip grip, two comb attachments and 50 percent more power!



Calotti® Rotary-Scoop-Spatula for Thermomix® TM5®, TM6® and TM31® for Removing, Scooping and Portioning

$19.99 $7.99
  • Patented Rotary-Scoop-Spatula fitting the mixing pot of the Thermomix TM6 / TM5 / TM31.
  • Fits perfectly between knife and mixer wall.
  • Makes it easier to pick, remove, and portion food.
  • Fibreglass reinforced hard plastic, dishwasher-safe, and heat-resistant.
  • 100% made in Germany, BPA-free, suitable for preparing baby food.

Recolte Capsule Cutter Quatre “Bonne” (Carmine Red) RCP-3(R)

$69.90 $29.99

The capsule type food processor which only pushes the part of one 7 upper part of “I smash it and mix it and carve and crush it and work it out and beat it and take it down”. Chipped ice and the grated radish are OK, too!


Pop Microwave Popcorn Lid

$19.95 $10.95

Pop Microwave Popcorn Lid

$19.95 $10.95
  • Talisman Designs Pop Silicone Microwave Popcorn Lid for quick, fresh, healthy microwave popcorn without a splattery mess
  • Made from BPA free, FDA approved silicone; heat-resistant to 500-degrees Fahrenheit; measures 10-inches in diameter
  • Works with any size microwave-safe bowl; lid keeps kernels from popping out as they cook; 5 built-in vents slowly melt butter as corn pops
  • Measure kernels into a microwave safe bowl, add butter and seasoning, place in microwave and cook; remove lid carefully to enjoy fresh healthy popcorn
  • Easy to use; healthier and more economical than buying packaged popcorn; microwave safe; dishwasher safe for easy cleanup

Royal Copper Defrost Tray:Natural Way to Defrost Meat or Frozen Food Quickly Without Electricity

$19.99 $15.99
  • Defrost Food In Minutes: The Safest Way to defrost meat or frozen food quickly and naturally
  • Naturally Conducts Heat: No Wires, Batteries, Chemicals Or Gas
  • Copper Infused Non-Stick Surface: Very easy to clean and is dishwasher safe
  • Easy To Use: Simply place frozen food onto the tray and it will defrost faster than at room temperature
  • Defrost Tray Measures: 14″ L x 8″ W, Dishwasher Safe

Pop N’ Play Interactive Cat Toy, Motorized Peek-A-Boo Play with Mouse and Feather Toys, As Seen on TV

$29.88 $17.88
  • Sporadic ?peek a boo? play stimulates kitty mentally & physically
  • Unique 360° dome shape is ideal for fun with friends
  • Non-slip, sturdy base is so lightweight you can take it anywhere
  • Durable design withstands kitty?s most ferocious pounces
  • Features an automatic shut off feature when kitty is ready to nap

World’s Greatest Cooking Pot 3.5 Quart with Strainer

$29.99 $19.99

Hate straining pasta and veggies? We have a simple solution for you. Introducing the World’s Greatest Pot™, a cooking pot that has a built-in strainer. Here’s how it works. Boil your pasta in the World’s Greatest Pot™. Then when you drain, the water drains out but the pasta stays inside the strainer. Just lift the basket and it’s ready to serve. There’s no more splishing and splashing into a strainer because with the World’s Greatest Pot™, the strainer is built right in. No matter how much you tilt it, the strainer basket always stays upright! There’s no easier way to cook up that ooey gooey mac n’ cheese all in one pot. And because it’s non-stick, cleanup is a breeze. 3.5 Quart includes the strainer basket and glass lid.


Elastic Pain Relief Sleeping Knee Support Cooling Solid Memory Foam Ergonomic Leg Pillow

$29.99 $24.99

The knee cushion comes with/without elastic band that allows you to choose the most suitable one based on your requirement.
1.With elastic band: Will keeping the knee cushion perfectly aligned between the legs while you are sleeping.
2.Without elastic band: Can offer the free space for your legs, you can adjust or move the cushion more convenient.


Multi Tasking Memory Foam Lap Desk with USB Light

$59.99 $39.99
  • Includes tablet slot that fits tablets 9.6 inches or smaller and smart phone slot that fits mobile devices 3.5 inches or smaller
  • Slide out Mouse Deck that pulls out on either the left or right side of the desk
  • Cool and comfortable design built with a memory foam cushion, wrist rest and handle for portability
  • Workstation that goes where you go
  • Large work surface of 18.5″ x 14″ x 3.5″.

Patty Burger Maker Hamburger Press 3 in 1

$19.99 $9.99
  • THE PROFESSIONAL DIFFERENCE: Make the perfect round burgers like a machine you’ve ever tasted with our 3-in-1 hamburger press. Whether you’re craving a melty cheese stuffed burger, a plate of perfect sliders or a good ol’ fashioned regular patty, the world is your burger with this patty maker
  • PERFECT PATTIES EVERY-TIME: Beat the burger bulge out! Make big, fat, juicy hamburgers with consistent thickness and shape that cook evenly and won’t fall apart on the grill. Not all burgers are made equal – until now
  • SUPREME CLEAN – No matter how many delicious stuffed burgers you make with your burger press, clean up is easy with our dishwasher safe press.
  • PREMIUM MATERIALS :Made of heavy duty durable BPA-free nonstick plastic material so you can make burger patties instead of a mess.
  • Services :Every set we sell is backed by a full MONEY BACK! If our product isn’t for you, just send it back our way, and we’ll make it right.

Stainless Steel Jar Opener for Weak Hands, Jar Opener Tool

$19.90 $7.90

✔ RUST RESISTANT JAR OPENER. This jar opener is made of heavy stainless steel and solid hard plastic handle that will last and not rust. Comes with a free bottle opener key chain that’s made of aluminium alloy, which is a bonus.
✔ STURDY AND DURABLE. Suitable for jars with lids between 1” to 3.7” diameter. The jar opener is made of sturdy material and super durable.
✔ EASY TO TWIST. The stainless steel teeth on the clamp grab the edge of the stubborn lid tightly and hold it the entire time you are twisting. Easily opens most jars with a simple twist!
✔ SWEET GIFT FOR THOSE WITH ARTHRITIS HANDS. With this arthritis jar opener, you will no longer have to struggle to open lids any more! Perfect for seniors and those with arthritic hands.
✔ COMPACT KITCHEN TOOL. This jar opener is easy to store and takes up small space in your kitchen drawer. Definitely a must-have kitchen tool!


Yonanas 180 Automatic Healthy Frozen Dessert Maker

$79.99 $37.99
  • FAST & FRESH: Pop in your fresh frozen fruit, and watch it magically transform into deliciously creamy soft serve- in just minutes.
  • DELICIOUS & HEALTHY: Slash away those fats, sugars, and artificial flavorings- while still satisfying your sweet tooth.
  • ONE TOUCH: Just hit the single power switch for automatically perfect, smooth sorbet.
  • EASY CLEAN: All parts remove for safe and simple wash-up.
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