Copper Chef Perfect Electric Egg Maker, 14-Egg Capacity

$39.99 $29.99

With the Copper Chef Perfect Egg Maker, you can make delicious eggs without the mess and hassle, with the ability to cook up to 14 large hard-boiled eggs at the same time in just minutes! Whether it’s hard-boiled eggs, gooey yolk soft boiled or even scrambled, poached & omelettes, the Copper Chef Perfect Egg Maker can do it in a flash! The secret is the one-touch-easy Egg Right Technology that circulates heat evenly within the clear ‘Cook and Look’ dome!


Recolte Capsule Cutter Quatre “Bonne” (Carmine Red) RCP-3(R)

$69.90 $29.99

The capsule type food processor which only pushes the part of one 7 upper part of “I smash it and mix it and carve and crush it and work it out and beat it and take it down”. Chipped ice and the grated radish are OK, too!

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