The Equadose Pill Splitter. The Best Pill Cutter Ever! Crafted in The USA. Doubles as a Pill Box. Great for Pets Too!

$29.99 $25.99
  • ACCURATE BLADES: Our blades are angled so that they will never dull, yet they are not sharp to the touch.
  • TWIN BLADES: The double blades create a split point that gives you perfect halves every time!
  • COMPREHENSIVE DESIGN: This perfect pill cutter splits any size and shape tablet.
  • QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP: Made of solid aircraft aluminum. 

Ezy Dose Ezy Crush Pill Crusher and Grinder

$9.99 $5.59
  • PILL ORGANIZER COMPARTMENT: Built in pill storage compartment
  • EASY USE: Ergonomic Grip, Designed for easy grip, Great for individuals with dexterity issues
  • PILL CAPACITY: Holds up to 4 pills (aspirin-sized)
  • BUILT TO LAST: Quality design, Built to withstand repeated use
  • HEALTHY LIVING: Ezy Dose products make living healthier simply easier, Many products endorsed by the Arthritis Foundation

Ultra Pill Cutter – Pill Splitter With Retracting Blade Guard

$8.90 $5.50

Easily get the proper dosage each time by using the Apex Ultra Pill Splitter. This will be a handy item to keep around in a medicine cabinet or drawer. The Apex pill splitter has a small, compact design that makes it easy to carry as well as store when it’s not needed. It has a little grabbing feature that can hold the tablet firmly in place while dividing. This medicine cutter features opaque grips for easy handling and a self-retracting blade guard for safety. It provides a much simpler alternative than using your fingers and other tools and is easy to use. Using this device can help avoid taking too much or not enough of a certain medication. Properly placing the pill in position will make sure that exactly two halves are created. The Apex Ultra Pill Splitter can be used at home, in the office or anywhere else.


EqualSplit Pill Splitter, Double Blades, Aluminum

$29.99 $21.99
  • SUPER CLEAN CUTS: No more unequal haves, crushed medication or crumbled bits.
  • DOUBLE BLADES: Opposing blades apply opposing force, precisely controlling the fracture point.
  • CONVENIENTLY COMPACT: Pocket sized and great for traveling or when on the go. Also doubles as a pillbox.
  • QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP: Crafted entirely from medical grade aluminum. Patent pending design.
  • WORKS WITH ALL PILL SHAPES & SIZES: Small or large, scored or unscored, round, oval, oblong, or whatever shape it happens to be the EqualSplit can handle it all. For Best results splitting pills please read instructions below in the product description.
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