Rinseroo Universal Slip-On Silicone Shower Sprinkler Hose

$39.99 $19.99

Hose for any connection

What is the most dreaded place to clean in your home? The shower! You might think – hey, the water supply is right there, all you need to do is run a sponge over it. If you’re thinking this…you clearly don’t clean the shower in your home. How do you get the water to hit all the walls – you don’t, so you end up having to fill a bucket and hope that you rinse all the soap residue off the walls before it dries. With the Rinseroo you can now reach all the nooks and crannies of your shower ensuring it’s as squeaky clean as you when you walk out.


Pop N’ Play Interactive Cat Toy, Motorized Peek-A-Boo Play with Mouse and Feather Toys, As Seen on TV

$29.88 $17.88
  • Sporadic ?peek a boo? play stimulates kitty mentally & physically
  • Unique 360° dome shape is ideal for fun with friends
  • Non-slip, sturdy base is so lightweight you can take it anywhere
  • Durable design withstands kitty?s most ferocious pounces
  • Features an automatic shut off feature when kitty is ready to nap

Pet Groom Glider Comb,Pet 3-in 1 Grooming Brush Magic Pet Massage Hair Removal Brush Perfect for Dog & Cat with Long & Short Fur

$19.99 $8.99
  • BATH BRUSH:Bathe the pets with this glove, which will allow you to brush away dirt, dander and loose hair from cats and dogs and give your pets a gentle massage without hurting their skin.
  • HAIR REMOVER:The grooming glove can easily and gently remove loose pet hair and tangles so no fur goes flying.The shedding hair sticks to the glove, making it easy to peel and throw hair away.
  • HIGH QUALITY:Unlike the cheaper alternatives,grooming gloves are made from Grade-A silicone and polyester to ensure durability and easier maintenance. Our Pet Grooming Gloves will stand the test of time keeping your pets happier for longer.
  • CLEAN AND TIDY: Clean up the excess hair and make the home clean and tidy. While using the comb, it can promote the blood circulation of the pet and make the dog more comfortable.
  • Great for all sizes and breeds,Long,Short,&Curly Haired Cats & Dogs.The pet groomer glider comb can easily and gently remove loose pet hair and tangles so no fur goes flying.

Petzoom Self Cleaning Grooming Brush with Bonus Pet Trimmer

$29.99 $9.99
  • One Touch Brush- Cleans itself
  • Attracts loose hair, dander and dirt
  • Adjustable bristle length for long or short coats
  • Perfect for Wet and Dry grooming
  • Trimmer attachment for pamper size. This trimmer attachment will trim back your pet’s hair. Use it to remove knots, fur balls, gum or anything stuck in pet’s hair
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