Eyebrow Magic – Natural-looking defining eyebrow filler and colour with microblading effect

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  • Create natural, fuller-looking brows
  • Define and fill with precision
  • Easy to apply and lasts up to 24 hours
  • Long-lasting smudge-proof formula
  • Micro-quad tip mimics the hair-like strokes of microblading
  • For a bolder look use the thicker flat section of the tip to fill-in brows
  • 3 colours available: Dark Brown, Auburn and Dark Blonde
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Eyebrow Magic is the new way to get microbladed-looking, clearly-defined, luscious eyebrows that can stand the closest inspection. Now you can achieve that natural microbladed look without the commitment. Eyebrow Magic’s micro-quad tip draws small hair-like strokes along the brow for fuller looking brows that last up to 24 hours. Thanks to the clever ‘toothed’ applicator, Eyebrow Magic is applied in a series of small lines with each stroke, just like the fine hairs of your natural eyebrows, so that the end result is a lined, microblading effect that, even close-up, resembles real, deep, fully-formed eyebrows. Unlike other eyebrow pens and makeups that just apply a flat, painted-on colour over your existing eyebrows, Eyebrow Magic gives you a totally natural finish, and gives your eyebrows the depth, shape and colour you want, in seconds!


Eyebrow Magic is designed to give your eyebrows a microbladed effect, even close-up. Where other eyebrow makeup is just a colour that you paint on with a blunt brush or even a cotton bud, meaning you can’t go beyond your current brow shape, Eyebrow Magic has a specially-designed ‘toothed’ applicator that paints individual lines that resemble a microblading effect and the natural hairs of your own eyebrows. Now you can build and add to your existing brows without just painting a dark, soft smudge over them. Why not boost the width or add shape and length? With Eyebrow Magic you can go beyond your existing brows and still have a realistic-looking eyebrow in the shape and depth you want.


Eyebrow Magic adds colour and depth to each existing eyebrow hair so you can make your brows shine and boost their appeal immediately with rich colour and super-clear definition. Make those outer edges laser-accurate and shape them into the perfect curve and width. With Eyebrow Magic you can take control of the shape and define the microblading effect of your eyebrows beyond their current shape and colour, and they will look totally natural, even close-up!


Eyebrow Magic stays where you need it, it won’t smear or run after a night of partying and you won’t need to be constantly topping it up or worrying about it smudges every time you touch your face or adjust your hair or glasses. But, when you need to remove Eyebrow Magic it cleans off easily with eye make-up remover or any cleansing oil.

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5 reviews for Eyebrow Magic – Natural-looking defining eyebrow filler and colour with microblading effect

  1. 5 out of 5


    Very easy to use and fills in my brows naturally.

  2. 5 out of 5


    I like this eyebrow tattoo pen much more than brand name ones I have bought from the drugstore. It looks much more natural and is also long lasting! The initial color I bought was too dark for my hair color, and as promised on the product listing, as soon as I mentioned this to the seller they immediately sent me the lighter shade at no charge. Will buy again!

  3. 5 out of 5


    I liked that I got the plastic eyebrow guides to help me out line my brows. I know it may take a little time to get use to
    but I am very happy with the kit. Everything you need to shape brows is included.

  4. 5 out of 5


    I’ve been using this brow “tatoo” pen for just 3 days now and already I love it so much that I may get my brows permanently tatooed. The color is indeed a reddish brown – not a cool tone! My own hair is a very light shade of brown, but I like the contrast of the darker brows against my lighter bangs.

  5. 5 out of 5


    I went from the pic to the left to FABULOUS eyebrows that won’t smudge ever! Omg this is amazing and what I’ve been looking for.

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