Fresh Feet Foot Brush Bristles Deep Clean Scrubber

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This Foot Brush | Foot Scrubber System will not only helps rid your feet of all DEAD SKINS, SOFTENS, aids in BLOOD CIRCULATION, HARD CALLUSES, CRACK but also at the same time MASSAGES your feet, giving you a SOOTHING and RELAXING feel every time you showing. The Foot Brush | Foot Cleaner has a wide design with an inner gentle with a slight dip brush that contour your feet for massaging your tender soles, while stiffer outer bristles smooth rough skin and calluses, and stimulate blood circulation.

The Foot Brush | Foot Scrubber System leaves feet thoroughly cleaned, conditioned, and massage often neglected areas between the toes. Each treatment stimulates blood circulation to the feet and produces a feeling of all-over well-being and health which is important for a diabetic patients. The perfect gift for anyone that is a diabetic because they do not need to bend over or seat down to use the foot scrubber. Just apply your favorite soap/gel, then place it down and finally scrub/brush gently. THAT IT! Once you’re done just hang it up with the Extra hanging hook included.

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COMFORT use without having to bend over or seat down for a long period of time. Just apply your soap/gel and place it on the floor and start scrubbing with your feet. THAT IT! | Our Made Easy Foot therapy tools for home use.
MASSAGES your feet at the same time removing dead skins and callus. Product Choices does not stop there, we’ve also included a Body Mesh Sponge for the complete body exfoliating treatment.
EXFOLIATES dead skins and keep the skin smooth with every shower. This foot callus removal | heel scrubber is the best foot exfoliating care treatment kit that you can buy for you bathroom.
FREE hanging hook & Body Mesh Sponge with every Foot Brush | Foot Scrubber | The perfect gift for your loved ones or use it yourself! | The Best Pedicure Foot Scrubber or Foot Spa Kit you can buy.

2 reviews for Fresh Feet Foot Brush Bristles Deep Clean Scrubber

  1. 5 out of 5


    I’ve had both knees replaced and find it extremely difficult to scrub the bottoms of my feet because the knees just aren’t that flexible. I love this foot scrubber, it feels like it’s massaging my feet and I scrub them. We have a textured floor in our shower stall so you just step on one wing while you scrub the other foot. Love it and would highly recommend it

  2. 5 out of 5


    …I discovered that it was the best foot scrubber I’ve ever used—period.

    Grab onto something if your feet are ticklish tho.

    It’s a wild ride till you get used to it, I can tell you that…

    Seriously, the Lord Jesus could probably have used this to wash his disciple’s feet had he wanted to watch them ascend into the heavens head first into the ceiling.

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