HD Night Vision Wraparounds Wrap Around Glasses

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  • Reduces night driving glare and eye strain
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HD Night Vision Wraparounds Wrap Around Glasses Reduces night driving glare and eye strain. HD Vision Wraparounds let you see with enhanced color and clarity just like high definintion TV’s and at the fraction of a price of designer glasses. Protect your eyes in style from all sides (unlike clip-ons), just slide over prescription glasses. Whether driving, reading or golfing, these versatile glasses make seeing a whole new experience. HD Vision wraparounds are the affordable, effective alternative to high-priced prescription sunglasses and clumsy clip-ons. Custom-look shades fit over your regular eyewear to shield your eyes from harmful UV rays and block light from the sides. High-definition lens technology dramatically reduces glare and provides clarity and enhances color like you’ve never seen before! Lightweight and durable Includes: One pair of HD Night Vision WrapAround Glasses

3 reviews for HD Night Vision Wraparounds Wrap Around Glasses

  1. 5 out of 5


    Works great and it really helps with bad night vision. The only thing I wish is that it wasn’t so tight on my big fat head. I do have a larger than normal skull so most hats and sunglasses are tight on me. These should work fine if you can buy just about any sunglasses you want.

  2. 3 out of 5


    These glasses are okay and do reduce eye strain, however the picture is misleading and the seller does not provide an accurate description of the item. The glass are not solid in color but are gradient yellow. This means that is goes from yellow at the top and becomes clear on the bottom, instead of all yellow as shown in the photos. Please be aware of this or you will be very disappointed in your order. I’m only giving it a three star due to this description discrepancy. I would send them back but I haven’t received my order for glasses that are solid yellow and these are so cheap, it probably won’t be worth returning. (They may not survive being in a hot car in AZ. lol)

  3. 5 out of 5


    For the last year or so, I’ve had a lot of trouble driving at dusk/dark due to some eye issues. I had pretty much just given up on being able to, even though it was very limiting. Everything looked very blurry at night, and the lights everywhere just seemed to all blind me. It was overwhelming and overstimulating, I would get headaches and anxiety immediately. Then I saw a commercial for HD Night Vision Wraparounds, and was curious if it would help my situation, so I ordered them.

    These night vision glasses fit right over my regular glasses, it doesn’t look very cool, but it works. I have an average sized head, but for some reason the arms of the glasses feel a bit tight for me. It isn’t uncomfortable per se, I am just aware of the tightness there against my head when I’m driving. I guess I’d rather them be a little tight than too loose where they would move around a lot. These glasses do cut down on the glare, but do not take all of it away, not that I expected it to be a 100% fix. Things appear a bit sharper somehow too, so it makes it easier for me to see at night in general.

    The bottom line is that I really like these glasses, and they’ve made it so I can drive after dusk again feeling much safer and more comfortable. I no longer have to ask for a ride, or take Uber in the evening! I recommend them to anyone whose eyes are sensitive to bright light, or anyone who has trouble seeing at night and is looking for a solution.

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