Instant Heater: Instant-heat, indoor/outdoor radiation heater

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  • Radiant heat rays that heat you directly
  • 100% weatherproof
  • Not affected by wind and rain
  • Carbon fibre bulb technology
  • Heats up to 3 x times faster than gas
  • Can save you over 50% on heating
  • Built-in eco motion sensors and timer
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Instant Heater is the fastest, warmest heater you’ll ever own. Unlike standard outdoor heaters, Instant Heater heats you deeply and directly within moments of turning it on. The secret is Instant Heater’s carbon fibre bulb technology. It produces radiant heat rays that heat you directly — it doesn’t waste time and energy heating all that air – it heats you quickly and deeply – right to your very bones. And, at up to 3 x times faster than a gas heater, you will feel warm and comfortable in seconds. Instant Heater is 100% weatherproof – so it’s not affected by rain or wind and you can leave it outside in all weathers with no worries. With running costs that are half the cost of a gas heater, four heat settings, a remote control and eco-motion sensors that turn it on and off as you approach and leave, Instant heater lets you have total control over the heat inside and outside your home.


Now you can enjoy the feeling of instant direct heat any time you want it because Instant Heater heats up to 3 x times faster than gas. Ordinary electric and gas convection heaters can waste a lot of time and energy having to heat the air and space from the top down, before even reaching you, but the radiant heat rays from the carbon fibre bulb aren’t affected by wind or rain so they get to work, warming you up, straight away. It takes just 30 seconds for a gas heater to drop 5 degrees in cold weather, whereas Instant Heater is not affected by the wind. In an outdoor breeze, the Instant Heater can pump out an extra 10 degrees of heat more than gas can.


Instant Heater lets you save 50 % on heating because it costs half as much to run. A gas heater costs £1.20 for every hour it’s switched on – while the Instant Heater uses less than 28 pence. Instant Heater can save you even more money with its built in eco motion sensors, because it heats you directly when you need it – you don’t need to leave it on in rooms you’re not even using. With the motion sensor – as you exit a room the Instant Heater automatically switches off – and you start saving money immediately. Enter another room with an Instant Heater and it automatically switches on giving you warm, instant heat.


Instant Heater is 100% weatherproof with an IPX4 All-weather Safety rating, making it perfect for outdoor use all year round.

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2 reviews for Instant Heater: Instant-heat, indoor/outdoor radiation heater

  1. 5 out of 5


    I got this for our garage. It gets super hot really quick. Very happy that it came with everything to mount it up high so the kids can’t reach it. The remote works great so you don’t have to be right at the unit if it gets too hot. Would recommend

  2. 5 out of 5


    This is just what I needed. The patio heater is compact and very powerful. You have to use the remote to adjust the settings. It can get very warm. I can easily feel it from 5-7 feet away. It uses regular power and looks attractive. Super happy with this

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