IP109 Waterproof Meat Thermometer with Long Probe Digital Instant Read Food Thermometer

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✅ULTRA FAST – Takes a temperature in a little as 2-3 seconds, and is accurate to +/-1 degrees with a wide range of -58℉-572℉. No more waiting over a hot stove or grill for the temperature to settle! Take out the guesswork and eliminate overdone or undercooked food, and instead make perfectly cooked beef, chicken, pork, fish, lamb, or turkey, every time! Also works great with beverages, deep frying, making candy, and baking.

✅WATERPROOF – IP67 rated waterproof, the Kizen thermometer can be washed under running water without fear! With a strong ABS plastic body, it can withstand accidental drops or other impact accidents. With a waterproof and strong break resistant body, the Kizen thermometer is highly durable and resilient.

✅CONVENIENT AND CLEAR – Get the temperature by the bright and large LCD screen instead of fumbling with your phone flash to get a read! With an internal magnet and large hang hole, you can conveniently store this where you can have easy and quick access!

✅FULLY BUNDLED WITH BONUS EXTRAS TO GIVE YOU THE MOST VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY! – Comes beautifully packaged in a premium foam lined box, making it an ideal present for any cooking or bbq enthusiast! This sturdy box is also a great place to store the thermometer to keep it safe. Also includes 2 CR 2032 batteries(1 extra as a service), bonus eCookbook “Modern Cooking” meat temperature guide, users manual, and 4 velcro dots to hang your temperature guide on the wall for added convenience!

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Tired of overcooking or undercooking your meats and food or waiting for your outdated thermometer to finally get a reading? That frustration can be no more with the KitchPro ultra quick and accurate thermometer!

Featuring a Ultra Fast Premium Probe – Capable of taking temperatures in as little as 2 seconds with an accuracy of +/-1, cook your meats, baked bread, deep fried foods, candy, soups, and beverages perfectly every time!

The instant read temperature probe by itself would make a great buy, but the KitchPro thermometer goes even further with several unique and innovative features that sets it apart.

  • Waterproof Body – Do you frequently get your thermometer dirty and want a quick and easy way to wash it without fear? No worries, you can wash this KitchPro thermometer under running water just like any of your dishes!
  • Bright LCD Light – Do you just need a little visual assistance for the read? Don’t bother fumbling with your phone, the LCD backlight has you covered.
  • Easy Storage Design – Enjoy all the benefits of a long temperature probe without all the storage hassles. The KitchPro thermometer can fully retract, making for easy & safe storage. The thermometer also has a internal magnet and large hang hole so that it can be stored up on the refrigerator or hanged up on kitchen hooks.
  • Auto-OFF – Featuring a convenient battery saving auto-off when probe is retracted or after 10 minutes have passed without activity
  • Calibration – Comes expertly pre-calibrated, but can re-calibrated anytime to assure only the most accurate reads!


  • Premium gift box package. Makes a great gift for home chefs, bbq lovers, Mom, and Dad!
  • Exclusive eCookBook “Modern Cooking”
  • 2 3V CR2032 batteries(1 inside thermometer and 1 extra for later use)
  • Meat temperature guide and easy to follow graphical user manual.
  • 4 velcro dots to hang your meat temperature guide.
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3 reviews for IP109 Waterproof Meat Thermometer with Long Probe Digital Instant Read Food Thermometer

  1. 5 out of 5


    I bought this early for thanksgiving and thought I give it a try. I like digital screen which makes reading the temperature convenient but I was curious on how accurate the temperature is so I used an old school metered thermometer. The temperature range was within 3-5 degrees ranging so I think it was pretty accurate. Looking forward to seeing the battery life.

  2. 5 out of 5


    Less expensive, more accurate and more features. I bought this as my old instant read died (I paid something like $40 for that one) this one has more features (Hello Hold/Min/Max!) and is almost a quarter of the price! The magnet holds it securely to the fridge where it’ll be with easy reach and the finger hole makes it easy to temp stuff further away if you don’t want to stick your hand over the hot coals. I’ve only had it for about a week, but it’s exceeding expectations!

  3. 5 out of 5


    I saw meat thermometers at Ross at around $15 but they look really cheap. I honestly didn’t think I would need one but after I kept seeing it I started to want one and thought of ways to use it. I was about to pick one up at Ross that day but thought I should check on Amazon first to see the price, I’m glad I did. This thermometer is about $5 cheaper but doesn’t look as cheap as the ones at Ross, instead, it feels sturdy on my hands. Did a quick test with boiling water which I think is the easiest way to check how accurate this thermometer since everyone knows the boiling point of water is 100’C ( 212 °F). It works, check my pictures and you will see.

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