Nicer Dicer Quick – The hand-held chopping, slicing and dicing machine

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Slice, dice, chop and even create wedges in one second
Chop right into the bowl, pot or pan
No more knives and chopping boards to clean
Specially-designed container with lid
Slice and store or take away
Super-sharp blades that are easy to clean
Three blades with four ways to cut

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The hand-held chopping, slicing and dicing machine that cuts in a second

Nicer Dicer Quick is the compact, portable hand-held food prep system that will slice, dice, chop and wedge your vegetables and fruit in a single second! With three interchangeable super-sharp blade inserts made of the finest GNOX steel you can do away with knives and chopping boards that need to be cleaned after every use. Food is chopped right into the bowl, pot, pan or dish. Then, Nicer Dicer Quick can be rinsed under a tap and it’s ready to go again. Swapping blades is so quick and easy that you can go from chopping thick potato slices to slicing orange segments and back to dicing onions in seconds! Simply place the blade you want into position, place the food on top and snap the upper section into place. In just one second you can have ten slices, thirty cubes or six segments or wedges in the time it takes to snap shut the incredible Nicer Dicer Quick. And, when you’re done, just lock it closed and store it in a drawer!

Three blades with four ways to cut

The clever design of Nicer Dicer Quick means that with just 3 blade inserts you can create thick slices, thin slices, strips or sticks, cubes and wedges! The blades can be placed, one above the other, to turn thick slices into thin ones! Then, turn one blade through 90 degrees and you’ve got julienne strips or sticks for dipping! Now, place those strips back on the blades sideways, and they’re cut into perfectly square cubes! Finally, replace the blades with the segmented wedge cutter and push apples, oranges, limes, lemons and even soft tomatoes or hard-boiled eggs through it to form perfect, equal segments or wedges in a single second!

Specially-designed container with lid

Nicer Dicer Quick comes with a clever, made-to-measure plastic container and a click-lock lid that actually fits directly onto the Nicer Dicer Quick so you can slice and chop fruit and veggies, even boiled eggs, meat or cheese right into the container and seal all that freshness in. Then, you can store it in the fridge for a family meal or salad, or take it away to work or school for a super-healthy lunch that couldn’t be fresher!

7 reviews for Nicer Dicer Quick – The hand-held chopping, slicing and dicing machine

  1. 5 out of 5


    love it! the blades are very strong and sturdy. don’t listen to the bad reviews, because this product is wonderful. i used it to cut eggs and peppers for a salad and it worked like a charm.

  2. 3 out of 5


    Not sure I really like this. It is hard to use and press things through depending on how hard they area. Took awhile to figure out the gadgets.

  3. 2 out of 5


    Hokey little thing. Not worth the money. Takes more time to fiddle with it than to hand cut.

  4. 2 out of 5


    This vegetable chopper is sturdy fairly easy to use. Did not chop onions, peppers or tomatoes. Okay on eggs and fresh small mushrooms. I would not recommend this chopper.

  5. 5 out of 5


    My mom hates chopping vegetables for dinner. She had been spending extra money on the pre cut stuff, and I tried telling to just get a chopper. Well, since she wouldnt go get it herself, I got it for her. Andbguess who loves her chopper? My Mom… That’s Who. Cheaper food, and easier cooking. She has had no complaints about the chopper, other than having to wash it.

  6. 5 out of 5


    Not a bad product. When I was reading mixed review before I purchased it I was sceptical about it but I baught it anyways. I am glad I did because when I used it, it’s pretty good. I took a video for others to see before they come to conclusions. The video I took was with one hand so it seems like I was struggling but honestly it’s not much of a struggle if you use both hands 😊

  7. 2 out of 5


    You have to be Hercules to use this product. When I tried to cut potatoes, it was impossible. I could manage onions but it’s obvious that this chopper will only cut soft foods. It certainly does not live up to what was advertised.

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