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  • 2 In 1 design for thorough cradle cap care
  • Slides easily onto adult’s hand, helping to keep the brush steady
  • Soft, rubber brush bristles help to loosen flakes
  • Fine toothed comb gently loosens tough flakes and removes them
  • 2-in-1 design for thorough cradle cap care
  • Slides easily onto adult’s hand, helping to keep the brush steady
  • Soft, rubber brush bristles help to loosen flakes
  • Fine-toothed comb gently loosens tough flakes and removes them
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The safety 1st cradle cap brush & comb features a 2-in-1 design to help you gently remove flaking skin from your baby’s scalp. Cradle cap, which is also known as seborrheic dermatitis, occurs on the scalp and is a common condition that affects infants. Parents naturally worry when they see the flaking skin that is the major symptom of cradle cap, but in most cases the condition is not serious or long-lasting. Using this cradle cap brush & comb as directed will help you to gently loosen and remove the flakes from your baby’s scalp to alleviate the symptoms.


13 reviews for Safety 1st Cradle Cap Brush and Comb

  1. 5 out of 5


    My 3-month old had horrible cradle cap. I tried the Mustela foam shampoo (which worked for my older son’s very minor cradle cap as an infant), coconut oil, head and shoulders shampoo (recommended by the pedi), Vaseline/aquaphor, baby brushes and combs, etc. and nothing worked. I read the reviews for this product and decided to give it a try. It is INCREDIBLE! My son’s head now looks great… and it looked HORRIBLE before with scales all along the top (sr the picture).

    I was worried it would irritate his sensitive skin, cause him to bleed, or take his hair out along with the dead skin, but it didn’t.

    I applied a bit of coconut oil to his head, waited 10 minutes, but him in the bath, got his hair wet, used the blue brush to loosen it (but I don’t think that did much), then used the comb. I couldn’t believe how much came off. I used the comb for a while, then used an old toothbrush to clean it out. I washed his head with the foam shampoo and then used the comb again before rinsing him off. After his hair air dried, I used the comb again on the remaining dry spots. After all this, I’d say 95% of the cradle cap was gone. Wow, just wow.

  2. 5 out of 5


    My son has pretty intense skin problems. Bad enough we see an allergist. When he got cradle cap the allergist said it was the worst she’s ever seen. We used a medicated shampoo every day but it wasn’t helping, so I got this brush in hopes that we could provide relief from the itchy dryness and bleeding. My son has a lot of hair so just rubbing the skin doesn’t really help.
    We used the brush tonight and holy crap, yea it worked! We’re going to have to do another round, but his scalp already looks soooo much better. Now his shampoo can actually reach the skin that needs it.
    The picture shows some of the scales we picked up with the comb after rubbing with the brush. We spent a good 15 minutes just combing out the dead skin and wiping off the brush then combing again. We probably wiped the comb like 30 times. Each time the comb was as loaded with flakes as shown in the picture. In other words, ALOT. So yes, this little device will do the job. Thoroughly.
    If your little one has some scabs from itching the brush will lift some of those and cause some more bleeding. It’s really gentle, but it is meant to get stuff up, so scabs will be effected. But on our son only places that were already scabbed bled again, it didn’t cause any extra bleeding.
    Again, our son has a lot of hair and this worked great. Our boy is almost a year. And while he didn’t necessarily enjoy the process, he did tolerate it as long as he had his bath toys to distract him.
    I would recommend washing the shampoo out of their hair before you do the comb part. It’s easier to see what you’re doing.

  3. 5 out of 5


    My daughter’s cradle cap was getting pretty bad, so I searched on Amazon for cradle cap remedies. This comb was highly rated, so I purchased this and Mustela shampoo.
    Steps I took:
    *Milk bath and let dry for ~1 hour
    *Coconut oil and let sit for ~10 mins
    *Brush with this brush in circular motions all over scalp to loosen flakes. My daughter has a head full of hair and this did make a few of her hairs fall out but nothing drastic. The brush feels kind of rough, but as long as I did it gently, she didn’t mind this at all.
    *Comb with this comb all over for as long as it takes…for us it was about 15 minutes. It works so well at combing out the flakes! If your child’s cradle cap is bad, prepare to wash the comb several times the first time you do it. Our first time, I cleaned the comb out 5 times.
    *Wash with Mustela shampoo and then regular bath with regular baby shampoo. I do this every 2-3 days…whenever it’s her bath time.

    She still has cradle cap, but now it is mild and manageable. When I follow these steps now, I only have to clean the comb out one time.

  4. 5 out of 5


    This thing is amazing! We have a comb at home and have been working on these brown spots of dead skin on his scalp since he was born (he’s 6 months now). I saw a cradle cap brush at a store and had no idea they even existed but shrugged it off as another silly thing they want parents to buy. Well by this point I’m like this stuff is not going away no matter how much I slowly work on it. Our son has hair so I figured that’s why this dry skin was still clinging on. My husband used this ONCE and EVERYTHING was gone by the end of the bath. He didn’t even do it for that long because we didn’t want to irritate the skin or anything. It looked a bit red when he was bathing him but then cleared up almost instantly. I thought there was no way it would be that effective or work better than the small baby comb we got (because it looks similar). But the softness of the comb really does make a difference or it’s magic? I’m not sure. But definitely get this one because the comb part is where it’s at.

  5. 5 out of 5


    Seriously, this thing works! Nothing seemed to touch my poor guy’s cradle “crap”. I had tried oil, massaging, the Freida brush, Mustela shampoo, and even medicated shampoo from the doctor. Nothing was pulling off those flakes, until today! To start, I put Burt’s Bees Baby Oil all over little one’s scalp and let it sit for 15 minutes. After, I used the brush part of scrub his head and loosen the flakes. Then I used the comb to pull up the flakes and start working them out of his hair. He did not like this at all! I think the flakes were still too hard and tugging on his hair.

    Once I moved him to the bath, I washed his hair once to get the majority of the oil out, and then I put another wash on and let it sit while I washed his body. Then, it began. Most of the flakes had softened enough that after another good scrub, I was able to gently comb them out. Be careful because it can be uncomfortable for baby, as you don’t want to pull it off his skin too hard, and the flakes get so embedded in the hair that it’s like pulling out tangles. But if you are patient and careful, you will have amazing results!

    After our first pass with this brush, 85% of his flakes are gone. There are a few left for us to work on, but we’ll continue to use this to prevent major build up. Would buy this 100x again!

  6. 5 out of 5


    ALL of my kids have had cradle cap, I attempted with my first to treat it with a special shampoo but gave up right away when I noticed how red combing it left her scalp, I didn’t feel comfortable moving forward, they outgrew it.

    Fast forward to my 4th baby, his has been pretty bad I think because he’s had less hair and lighter hair than the rest the whole top of his head was very clearly full of the stuff so I resorted to amazon and found THEE best thing ever for cradle cap.

    15 minutes ago you couldn’t even see his hair because of the cradle cap, all I did was put Vaseline on it and let it sit while I fed him and bathed the kids, sat him in the tub and combed it gently while he chewed on his toy, and now it’s 95% gone! 🤯 mindblown right now!

    I would buy this product a million times, I didn’t even need to buy any special cradle cap shampoo or lotion as I originally was going to get but this was sufficient with the Vaseline i already had in hand!

  7. 5 out of 5


    My now 2 1/2 year old daughter had cradle cap up until she was about 2 years old when we soaked her head in coconut oil and cleared it all off with a fine-toothed comb in one sitting. The hair on top of her head (where the cradle cap mostly was) was noticeably thinner than the rest of her hair & I was afraid it was never going to go away. Within a month of getting her scalp clear, I noticed her hair filling in. Once I saw the difference, I felt bad that I didn’t try to do this process earlier. I just kept using the Mustela shampoo, hoping it would go away.

    Now a few months later, my second daughter is here (3 months old) and her cradle cap looks nearly identical to my first’s when she was this age. I knew I couldn’t use the same fine-toothed comb (I bought it at a beauty supply shop for myself and it’s not very soft) on her delicate scalp. While Googling remedies, I came across this brush. For the price, I figured it was worth a shot. It just arrived today and I had to try it out immediately. I just ran the comb through her dry hair and was amazed at how much came off. I soaked her hair in about 1 tsp. of baby oil gel (all I had) for about 15 minutes then started using the nubby blue bristles in circular motions as described in the directions. She loved it and started cooing so it definitely didn’t hurt her. Then I gently combed her hair backwards, to the sides and forwards about 2-3 times then I’d have to wipe off the comb because it would be full of scales. I just repeated that process until her scalp was clear. On stubborn patches, I’d do a few more circular brushes with the blue side. I figured I’d stop once she got fussy, but it didn’t bother her at all. In under 20 minutes, her cradle cap is 99% gone. I am absolutely amazed! I wish I had known about this product when my oldest was a baby.

    My youngest has an average amount of hair for a 3 month old and this was the perfect size and softness for her. I don’t think this would’ve worked on my toddler because of the amount of hair she has.

  8. 5 out of 5


    This is a wonderful tool for cradle cap! My daughter began showing cradle cap around 2 months old so I bought this comb and some baby oil. I let the baby oil sit on her scalp about 20 mins, ran the comb through her hair and was fascinated by the amount of flakes it picked up. Easy peasy, right? Not exactly in our case so here’s our experience with cradle cap:
    I dont know why but I thought cradle cap would be gone after one treatment but it kept coming back so I began making it a routine of combing my daughter’s hair with oil and this comb on bath day. As she got older, she got diagnosed with eczema, the cradle cap began to spread all over her head and became thick scales; this little comb has done a fine job each time I’ve used it but in my daughter’s case, a day or two after bath day (we cant bathe her often because of her eczema), her head would be crusty and covered in flakes again. The cradle cap began building up in thicker layers and I would comb as much as my daughter would tolerate but some of the thicker scales wouldn’t come up. Finally I decided to start rubbing a drop of baby oil on my daughter’s hair in the morning ever day and then gently running the comb through just a few passes, her hair looks oily at first but the baby oil gets absorbed by her scalp. This extra step has made a huge difference, it keeps the cradle cap from building up and keeps her scalp from drying out between baths. My daughter is now 6 months old and I feel like we’re finally getting the cradle cap under control and part of it is thanks to this little comb.

  9. 5 out of 5


    DD developed cradle cap at 3 months old. It wasn’t a lot and it was not noticeable unless you look at her head closely but once you see it, you can’t unsee it. It’s a scaled dragon skin looking patch that we’ve treated for weeks with breast milk that seemed to help a bit but never went away. I found out about this amazon comb just now, when she is almost 6 months. It’s been only a couple of days since receipt and her cradle cap is almost ALL GONE!

    Per advices of other users, we “marinate” (excuse the lack of a better word at this wee hour of the night) her head with coconut oil, let her stay for a couple of hours to soften up the cradle cap scales, then gently comb through. They come right off!

    I wish I knew about this product months ago!

    …only thing is, what do we use the blue rubbery part for is a question I’d like answered.m ;D

  10. 5 out of 5


    This comb is a miracle worker for addressing cradle cap! I can’t really add anything to the reviews already here, as they’re what I read to learn how to use this product.

    What I did: 1) rubbed organic coconut oil on my baby’s head about 10 minutes before his bath, 2) used the brush portion to brush around on his scalp once I had him in the tub (head slightly wet), 3) shampooed/rinsed as usual, 4) used the comb portion at almost a flat angle to comb through his hair while still in the tub. As other reviewers warned, some of his hair did come off in the comb, but that was because it was only being held in place by the dead skin.

    The baby’s scalp (which was quite scaly to begin with) looked amazing after just one use & I haven’t had to use it again. (Note: It definitely didn’t hurt him as he didn’t even react while I used the product on him.)

  11. 5 out of 5


    Does your baby have cradle cap? Save yourself the time and money that I’ve spent. Buy this. Only this. A dandruff shampoo or cradle cap shampoo definitely helps. But this thing is AMAZING. My baby is almost 10 months old and I’ve been trying everything to get rid of cradle cap including prescription shampoo. Nothing came CLOSE to what this thing did in 1 shot. Got rid of 90% of her cradle cap and she didn’t mind me doing it at all!! Seriously, buy this now!

  12. 5 out of 5


    I just got it delivered today and Kiddo just got a bath- I couldn’t give this review soon enough. IT IS AMAZING!!!!! Kiddo is almost 11 weeks old and just the past few days I’ve been noticing the cradle cap in spots. I’ve been spot treating with some almond oil and his regular brush and I thought I was doing a good job treating it. I ordered this brush on a whim and thought I probably shouldn’t have because we may not need it. Fast forward to tonight’s bath- the cradle cap was even worse than I thought. The amount of gunk I got off of my kids head- it’s unbelievable. He didn’t seem bothered by the brush at all. It’s very gentle and easy to use and even then you don’t realize how much is there until you use the comb. He was born with a full head of hair which has thinned out a bit due to shedding. But I was shocked at how much flakiness came off of his head. I probably could have kept going but he was exhausted and the bath calms him so we were due for a nap. I can’t wait until tomorrows bath to get some more gunk off of his head. It was awkwardly calming ha.
    I will be including this in future baby shower gifts for sure!!

  13. 5 out of 5


    When my second son had cradle cap I bought a similar brush to this (might have been the older model?) that had silicone bristles but no comb. That thing was worthless, and I tossed it. I try to avoid chemicals, especially with baby so I didn’t want to use the Medela shampoo since it contains sacylic acid if I could find a more non toxic way to go. My 3rd child also got cradle cap (it didn’t look like there was a whole lot of it, but it was definitely there), so I tried coconut oil and a regular soft bristled baby brush. Nothing. So I ordered this brush. HOLY COW!! I couldn’t believe how much came off her head…and so easily! All I did was run some coconut oil on there and brush her hair back with the fine tooth comb and BAM! Cradle cap is gone. My daughter was happy as a clam splashing in the bath while I did it. Didn’t phase her a bit. So glad I spent the $5 on this!

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