Teeth Nano Cleaning Kit Whitening Tools

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  • DIY’s teeth are clean and can remove stubborn stains and dental plaque. It is especially suitable for Brown tooth smoke, coffee, tea, fruit juice, chewing areca, and other food pigments.
  • It can quickly clean the yellow teeth, black teeth and dental plaque caused by smoking, tea / coffee, areca, diet and water quality. As long as it is gently wiped on teeth with dental scale, it can easily remove enamel and pigment from enamel and enamel.
  • Nanotechnology: tooth cleaning is effective immediately, and each particle is 1/10000 smaller than that of hair.
  • Physical decontamination: whitening does not hurt tooth enamel, internal nano capillary, automatic adsorption of dental plaque;
  • Innocuous and harmless: nano materials without chemical agents.Clean and environmentally friendly: only water is needed, and a beautiful tooth is white.
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It is made by new nanotechnology.
The internal nano capillary structure can automatically adsorb the dental scale of the tooth surface, without any chemical cleaning agent, innocuous and harmless, super strong, soft and fine material, only water, easy tooth cleaning, no scratch, so that your teeth are healthier, white and beautiful, smiling mouth Often open!

1 review for Teeth Nano Cleaning Kit Whitening Tools

  1. 5 out of 5


    This is a perfect alternatives for my sensitive teeth.
    Open the lid, I can smell a fragrant coconut. I dipped a little on my toothbrush and brushed it for 3minutes. It feels fresh. (Remember to use a black brush, otherwise your brush would be black)
    After several days use, my teeth become whiter than before. Happy with my purchase.

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