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The time-lock container designed to help us fight temptations. USA today and time magazine call it “brilliant!” here’s how it works: 1) place an item in the Time Locking Container 2) rotate the button to set the timer (from 1 minute to 10 days) 3) press the button to activate the lock once locked, the Time Locking Container cannot be opened until the timer reaches zero. Seriously, there are no overrides, once it’s locked, it’s locked. Studies of highly successful people show that the best strategy for achieving goals is to avoid relying on willpower in all situations. These people are more likely to use something called pre commitment, which significantly improves odds of achieving goals. Pre commitment is the notion of committing to a smart choice early, when we know we will be tempted by a bad choice later. The Time Locking Container is a tool that enables us to pre commit to smart choices.

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The time locking container can be used by students to stop their mobile phone from distracting them when revising or completing homework. A student or parent can place a mobile phone in the container before setting the timer for a certain period. The box remains locked until the timer runs out, giving the student an enforced break from the distractions of their phone.


Mobile phone addiction and the problems mobile phones create are becoming more and more prominent, with Ofcom finding that children are spending as much as 12 hours a day online. Research has shown that it doesn’t matter whether or not the mobile phone is being used – the mere presence of one whilst doing a task has been shown to reduce performance by 20%.

75% of students consider themselves procrastinators, with 50% of them doing so to a level that is seen as problematic – and mobile phones are considered to be one of the most common ways to procrastinate. Therefore, if students’ mobile phones are locked away, this could remove one of the barriers that stops students from working to their full potential.

This is why a time locking container can provide an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ approach, removing the distraction that mobile phones provide when students should instead be completing homework or revising for exams.


A time locking container is suitable for a student of any age who is often distracted by their mobile phone when completing homework or revision.


Many young people have this perception that they can efficiently multi-task, such that they can complete homework or revision whilst using their mobile phone. However, multi-tasking is actually impossible. Those who revise near their mobile phones find it difficult to concentrate. Evidence suggeststhat even listening to music on a mobile phone reduces one’s ability to perform well during independent study.

Multi-tasking causes errors to be made and reduces productivity, as it takes time to switch from one task to another. Multi-tasking also causes high levels of stress and a decline in performance on a range of cognitive tasks.


It appears that nearly all modern day students are distracted by their phone. The time locking container provides the perfect solution to this problem and it can be used by all students, regardless of their age and ability. Once it arrives, it is ready to be used immediately as no extra equipment is needed nor is it particularly hard to use.


This device offers flexibility. It can be tailored around the student’s revision plan as they and/or their parents can determine the period of time their phone will be locked away for. The time locking container can also be used as a source of motivation, as the student knows that if they complete a pre-determined amount of revision, they will be rewarded with something they want.

That being said, the time locking container does not teach students skills needed to self-regulate and manage their attention, as it simply removes the distraction. It operates on an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ philosophy.

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  1. 5 out of 5


    This is the second time I have purchased this product. The ‘new’ one is at home. The older unit is in my vehicle. The difference between the old unit and this one is that the locking arms protrude farther from the base unit thereby making it more difficult – if not impossible – to defeat the locking mechanism other than driving over the entire unit with your car…
    Obviously, this unit is designed to help all of us with temporary temptations that most all of us have to deal with from time to time. It’s OK, we’re all human and all of us have difficulty with one thing or another, whether it be a cell phone addiction, or cookies, or whatever. If the thing from which you want to distance yourself from is too big to fit into the unit (as is my laptop), simply lock up that item somewhere else, and put the key from the lock in this unit.
    Honestly, this has been an absolute life-changer for me and I thank the inventor of this unit!!
    If you are looking at this unit and wondering.., wonder no more. It’s worth it!

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