TubShroom The Revolutionary Tub Drain Protector Hair Catcher/Strainer/Snare, Blue

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We face a myriad of challenges each and every day. Cleaning clogged drains, thankfully, no longer has to be one of them–thanks to the TubShroom. TubShroom is a bathtub hair stopper that fits snug inside your shower tub drain, effortlessly gathering each and every hair that tries to make its way down your vulnerable drain. It’s the hero you deserve in your bathroom. You can rest easy knowing that TubShroom works great for all kinds of hair– human and pet alike. No more exorbitant plumber bills.

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A Revolution in Drain Protection: Unlike regular plugs that go over the drain, TubShroom fits inside, neatly collecting hair around it. When it’s time to cleanup, simply wipe TubShroom off and GO! No harsh chemicals, no more tangled messes

No More Clogged Drains: Our bathtub drain strainer fits any standard tub drain and is guaranteed to catch every hair, every time. TubShroom is designed to effortlessly catch any type of human or pet hair without disrupting the flow of water.

Save Money and the Environment: A single plumber visit can cost hundreds. Drain snakes and liquid drain cleaners are a hassle to use and aren’t always effective—not to mention the toll they take on the environment and on your pipes.

Award-winning and Patented Design: TubShroom has been honored as a 2018 KBB Product Innovator Award Winner in the home and bath category. Over two million drains are now protected by the Shroom patented design.

Complete Drain Protection: TubShroom fits any standard 1.5 inch to 1.75 inch bath tub drain. Try our SinkShroom for bathroom sink drains, ShowerShroom for 2 inch stand-up shower stall drains, and StopShroom as a stopper drain cover.

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21 reviews for TubShroom The Revolutionary Tub Drain Protector Hair Catcher/Strainer/Snare, Blue

  1. 5 out of 5


    I read many reviews before purchasing this item; Bob Vila’s website indicated it was a “must buy” product, and I lose a lot of hair at times so wanted something to help keep it from constantly clogging my drain. Some of the reviews complained about the fact that it didn’t fit their drain and had to turn it upside down and cut a hole in the top. They must not have a standard tub drain. Mine fit perfectly, dropped right in. Some complained that it gets all “soap scummy” and it takes a while to clean. I literally used mine for the first time today. Pulled it out after I got out of the shower, sure there was some soap scum on it “because I just took a shower.” However, I pulled the hair off which I was excited to see that it caught it, and then literally rinsed it off and put it back in. It only takes maybe 2-5 seconds to do this, so rather than waste your plumbing, why not just do that every time you get out of the shower. I would highly recommend this product! I am going to test it in my new tub (not a standard tub, so unsure about the drain size) in the basement and if it fits, I am buying two more so can have one in each bathroom. This is a definite must for those of you that lose hair. Works great! 03/06/19: Adding to this review after using for a few weeks – LOVE THIS THING!!!!!!

  2. 4 out of 5


    Among the many chores I have to do around the house one includes periodically cleaning out the clogged tub drain from all the hair that will accumulate down there. Not a fun job but a neccessary one to keep the water able to drain down freely. When I first heard about the TubShroom the next thing that came to my mind after about how weird the name was just how good can this thing really be. Still if it might help with keeping the drain clear it was worth a shot. So I ordered one. And after about a month and a half of having it in the drain it seems to be doing a good job of keeping the hair from getting down into the drain. Instead it collects around the TubShroom itself. Once a week, and I do suggest you do this, I remove the device and with a paper towel I easily remove the hair the TubShroom has caught. And it is indeed a hell of a lot easier cleaning off the hair from the Tubshroom then getting down on your hands and knees trying to dig out all that gunk that has collected in the drain. It works good enough that we are going for get one for the other tub along with a couple of SinkShrooms for the bathroom sinks.

  3. 3 out of 5


    So, this is a good product and good design, however, in order for it to work properly, it’s supposed to sit up a little out of your drain. However, the length of the item is too long for this in my drain pipe. It either goes all the way into the pipe, thus plugging the drain and making a bath, or I have to pull it up way farther than it should go, which does catch the hair, but it ends up sitting out at a tipped angle and is hard to position so that it will actually catch the hair. So it’s not very user friendly unless you have the correct length drain.

  4. 5 out of 5


    Absolutely great, what a find. I have a normal bathroom drain, nothing fancy, After using all those wire cuppy wire devices that stop draining after getting filled with a few hairs, become jammed with debris and are absolutely difficult to clean (fingernails, brushes)–this ingenious device is the opposite. It catches hair but still keeps draining and all those other things in the tub and is SO easy to clean. It doesn’t jam. It is the easiest thing to clean…just a wipe with a paper towel. Whoever designed this deserves kudos. I’ll be buying more in case they stop making them. I appreciate the smart, innovative solution this product delivers. I wish they would make something for the kitchen sink. I really recommend this product.

  5. 4 out of 5


    Note the size of the item ONE AND A HALF INCH pipe. Mine was 1 3/4 ” pipe. Didn’t even think of checking. I put it in anyway, but it backs up the water too much. However it looked like it was hanging onto the hair that went down.
    So I believe this is a winner. Maybe if they make enough money they can create a slightly larger one.
    To be specific the bottom of the Shroom is 1 5/8″
    The middle must be close to 1 1/4″
    The top is 2 1/4″
    I hope this helps.

  6. 5 out of 5


    Before using the Tubshroom, I used a flat hair catcher on my tub / shower drain and cleaning it was gross. This one really does the job nicely. When you lift it from the drain, the hair (absent gunk since only hair remains) is caught by the lip. Hence, you can easily remove hair with a tissue. Also since there is plenty of little drainage holes, it doesn’t get moldy compared to a flat hair catcher that covers the top of the drain. The material is soft and easily pliable, thus, fits drain and catches all hair. Well worth the cost compared to hiring a professional drain cleaner.

  7. 4 out of 5


    Bought this because a buddy of mine said he saw it on a gadget app of some sort. I have used EVERY one of those suction cup hair catchers and they are completely useless and get gross after a few weeks. They never stay attached and don’t actually catch all the hair it just sneaks past it cause there is no real seal. I am constantly clearing long hair out of the shower drain and any man who lives with a woman knows this is a regular maintenance once the drain gets slow. I have had the TubShroom in the drain for about two weeks now and I have pulled it out about three or 4 times with hair caught in it so apparently its doing something. Also I just gave my dog a bath in the shower and the claim that it catches dog hair is definitely true as while I was washing him the water started to back up and i pulled it out and it was covered in his hair pulled it off and put it back in the drain good as new. I had put in one of those push down stoppers that allows you to fill the tub and had to unscrew it to install this which isn’t really an issue since we never really take bathes. If you have the old style drain with the handle on the tub to close the drain I think you would just have to remove the screen from the floor drain to install this which would still allow you to fill the tub and catch any hair. Overall not a bad product for the price and if i get a year out of it it was well worth it.

    This is NOT a paid review I purchased this product independently.

  8. 5 out of 5


    I hardly ever write reviews but this thing is so amazing I had to share. With every shower I take, I shed a TON of hair and (as you can see from the picture) stick it to the wall so that no hair goes down my drain. I thought this method was working out well but my drain was continuing to stop up. I figured it must be my sister’s fault since I was so good about not letting any hairs go down the drain, but I went ahead ordered the Tub Shroom after seeing advertisements on Facebook. I got this thing and after only 2 showers, it collected a crap ton of my hair that I didn’t catch. It really is so easy to install and wipe away the hair, exactly like the videos. Awesome invention and I’m super happy with this purchase!

  9. 5 out of 5


    It does a great job of keeping hair out of the drain. We have to clean ours roughly once a week or the tub stops draining quickly, but that just shows you exactly how much stuff it prevents from going down the drain and potentially causing a clog.

    Super easy to clean. You pull it out, wipe it off, and put it back.

  10. 4 out of 5


    It does what it says it’s going to do: makes it easy to get hair out of the drain.

    I should probably give it 5 stars but I’m going to nitpick one of it’s advertising details and it’s this: They act like these are easy to clean and they aren’t.

    Maybe if you lived alone and didn’t shower daily they would be easy to clean when dry. But there’s 2 of us in this house and we both shower daily. The thing basically never gets a chance to dry and digging the hair out of it is an icky mess.

    Granted, it’s an icky mess that is now made 1000 times easier because I can yank it out and clean it over the sink (and dump the hair in the garbage can) as opposed to digging it out of the drain in the bathtub, but it’s still not the super easy pull-off-a-dried-whisp-of-hair that some of the ads try to make it out to be

    Bottom line, if you have hair clogs to clean, you are already dealing with this goop and this product makes it functionally far easier to access and dispose of that hair. But you are still going to be touching the wet icky hair despite the advertisements.

    Though I suppose another solution would be to buy two of these and swap them out. Let one dry before yanking the hair off of it.

    Anyway, if you need a drain protector these do work and work well for how cheap they are. They just aren’t the prissy no-mess perfection that the ads imply.

  11. 5 out of 5


    Ordered wrong size product. So I contacted customer service (an actual human being, how wonderful!) as instructed by Amazon. Asked to snap some pics of drain to get sizing correct in order to get sizing right. Kindly told me to keep original product (which we happily use in 2nd bathroom) & a new one was received in less than a week.

    Product works flawlessly (2 long-haired gals in our house give it 5 stars!) and has simple design and usage.

    Cannot think of a single bad thing to say – GREAT PRODUCT & RARE CUSTOMER SERVICE – very happy customer!

  12. 5 out of 5


    I was skeptical about this little rubber strainer, but I needed something to save my drains from the piles of hair that fall out of my head. I tried others and they all failed miserably.

    This thing is amazing! It fit into my standard drain perfectly, and I don’t think a single hair slipped by it. It was pretty gross to see how much hair I lost in just one shower, but it was comforting to know it wasn’t clogging my drain.

    Clean up is super easy, too. I just took a tissue and wiped it from top to bottom, grabbing all the hair as the soft rubber strainer released it all easily. Not a hair was caught in it.

    Best strainer I’ve ever had. I strongly recommend it!!!

  13. 4 out of 5


    This little gadget has saved me! It definitely looks like an “as seen on TV” product, but it works like a charm! Our drain used to clog once every two or three months to the point of the bathtub half-filling with water by the end of a shower, and it hasn’t clogged once since I plopped this in to replace the drain cover. One star off because it is definitely not as easy to clean as it may seem – soap scum, dirt, and hair get all tangled in the tiny holes. The hair is easy to remove, but the scum is still caked into the holes. Water doesn’t drain quite as well as it did at the beginning (there’s a tiny puddle near the drain during a shower), but if the drain’s not clogging, that’s a small price to pay. Wish there was some product/directions to clean it!

  14. 5 out of 5


    I have to say I was a bit skeptical about this product when I first heard of it. After several recommendations from friends (and needing to find another solution for the hair clogs) I went ahead and purchased it.
    We are a household of 3 woman, 2 with short hair and 1 with long hair, not to mention several family member visits a month with multiple people having longer hair. Oh, and a medium haired dog that does get washed in the shower.
    I tried 3 other drain catchers while i was waiting for this one to arrive. None could hold up and frankly were nasty to clean out.
    I removed the metal catcher with a screwdriver and placed the Shroom in its place (as directed by the printed instructions on the box), at first it looked funny sticking out a bit (the instructions tell you this is normal) and my mom thought I had dropped a giant button in the shower (top view). The first shower was a grand success. Not only was the water able to properly drain (goodbye standing in a pool of your own dirty bathwater!!!!) but the hair dropped into the catcher without it collecting on the top (so it was not visible to one taking a shower). Once I was done, I didn’t think it had worked since all the hair drained, little did i know it was draining into the spool. All the hair that had gone down was indeed caught and very, very simple to remove from the spool. I grabbed tissue and just “peeled” the hair off and threw away the trash. Voila! I don’t know why I had ever hesitated. I like it so much and it is so useful, i am including it in all my housewarming gifts. It is the item you never knew you needed nor wanted. But now that i have it I am so much better for it.

  15. 2 out of 5


    Works great out of the packaging but once you get a collection of hair and soap scum on it then it starts to back up and pool water around your feet. I’m sorry but I find it incredibly unpleasant to stand in my own filthy water. Right?!?! Quickly it gets covered in black mold like something and the holes will clog obviously with hair but it is imposiible to clean/remove the mold like substance. Trust me I tried and tried. Wire brush and straight muriatic acid finally and even that did nothing on the mold. Typical cleaning requires like 10 seconds and a piece of toilet paper to grab the hair surrounding the drain holes and remove but the black mold builds up and significantly reduces the waters ability to drain efficiently and effectively. After a few weeks of trying this drain plug and trying repeatedly to clean it i gave up and bought a 2 pack of stainless steel ones very similar in design to this silicone rubber tub mushroom. Night and day difference. Buy the stainless steel one, it doesn’t grow mold….ever the only issue with those is that the holes are smaller diameter and clog quickly butn the hair wipes off very easily and you’re back in business in 10 seconds. Yes it’s annoying to clean it daily but when you do it’s the best hair catcher/drain plug ever. plus you can get 2 stainless ones for the price I paid for this one tub mushroom. I may drill the holes out larger in my stainless ones and see.

  16. 5 out of 5


    I shed hair like a long haired cat in the summer. After clogging the drain a few too many times, I had to find something. We tried a different product that was like a cup with holes that you placed over the drain but it kept like a 1/2 inch of water in the tub while you showered and then a little leftover water sat in the tub leaving rings. Then we realized it was the Cat In The Hat that made the rings and we all had a laugh. But I had enough and needed a solution. THIS WAS IT! Tub drains completely while showering and after. It pops right out and you clean the hair off with toilet paper and pop it back in. I run it under hot water quick then put it back. No hair gets through! Finally a product that does what it claims. Good job TubShroom. Shroom…haha

  17. 5 out of 5


    As a long-haired lady, I’ve clogged up my fair share of shower drains over the years. After we got our new house, I didn’t want to ruin it by constantly having to dig my hair out with snakes or flush chemicals down the drain. I’ve been using it for about two weeks and it’s worked out very well. I do wait overnight to let everything dry out before I clean it, but I haven’t had any issues with it backing up or getting slime everywhere. It’s amazing how much hair gets caught in it instead of clogging up the drain!

  18. 5 out of 5


    So I got a new roommate, and it seemed like every couple of weeks the shower drain would get clogged. She would then use liquid plumr to bust the clog – but that was pretty useless. After getting fed up with the mini pool that just would not leave the tub, I pipe-snaked the drain clean, and put in my new TubShroom. From then on out, whenever I’d start to notice the drain getting slow again, I’d take the Shroom out, throw the hair in the garbage, put the Shroom back in, and once again have a perfectly functional drain. SO much easier than snaking the drain, and SO much more effective than liquid clog busters. If not for this TubShroom I think one or both of us would have just given up on cleaning the shower drain, and ultimately have paid much more than the $12 for this handy little device, in order to bring the plumber in.

  19. 4 out of 5


    So I live in an apartment with three other girls… Obviously that’s a lot of hair! I got the TubShroom in hopes of avoiding any nasty draining snaking, and so far it has been successful. I’m able to go about 3 days with this guy in the drain before I need to clean it off. The cleaning process was not quite as smooth as the packaging would suggest, but it still only took me about a minute, with a tissue, and it was good as new. And it is by FAR the easiest and most aesthetically pleasing hair catcher I’ve seen!

    Honestly the only reason this didn’t get 5 stars for me was because of the packaging. The TubShroom is ziptied to the cardboard backing, and I had quite a struggle cutting off the ziptie without cutting through the silicone. But I have no other complaints!

  20. 5 out of 5


    LOVE it. We have an older home with an older cast iron tub. It has a crazy U bend that makes it impossible to snake, and some kind of crazy box trap about 3 feet away from the tub. For 3 years we have battled with a slow drain and hair build up.
    Last month, we finally had to pull the trap plug – resulting in water on our floor and pulling out a rat sized clump of nastiness.
    Previous hair traps didn’t stay in place, floated, and got stolen by our cat.

    The Shroom fits perfectly! It captures short and big hair. I have seen some complaints from people saying it made their drain slow – that’s because it’s grabbing your hair! clean it out after every shower for long haired persons, and you will be happy!!

  21. 5 out of 5


    This is a cheap, effective way to keep hair from clogging your tub drain. It’s not pretty, but it works. It does sit a bit higher than a normal drain so we do bump them a lot but we don’t knock it out of the drain. I have long, thick hair, so I clean it every couple of days, but it’s easy and fast to clean the hair clump off. I clean the tub shroom and sink shrooms we have every couple of weeks is a solution of 1/3 part bleach and 2/3 part water to dissolve the soap scum and other yucky stuff that builds up on them.

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