Wedding Charcoal Miracle White Charcoal, Clear Combs

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A Combination of Charcoal Diamanté Centrepiece with Majestic Charcoal and Bronze Beads on Original Brown Combs.

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A Combination of Wedding Charcoal Miracle White Charcoal on Original Clear Combs.

2 reviews for Wedding Charcoal Miracle White Charcoal, Clear Combs

  1. 4 out of 5


    Great value (I got the 5 pack) and random color selection, I do have higher quality combs with large metal combs but they were also 20 bucks apiece. The color selection suits me well, I’m very pleased with the entire order and you just can’t beat the price! I have med length, fine hair but a lot of it and the rubber combs appear to slide in easily and hold as well or better than my somewhat stretched out metal ones. Only time will tell how long before the bead elastic (which appears nice and thick) starts to stretch but at this price replacement doesn’t hurt so bad. Lol

  2. 5 out of 5


    As soon as the package arrived today, I tried one of the clips on my hair. Let me start by saying I’d tried the butterfly clips with the metal teeth and didn’t like them because they’d grab my hair and pull it out or tangle when it was time to remove the clip. NOT these! These are terrific! They ease onto your hair regardless of thick or thin, hold like crazy, and when it’s time to take it out, they slide right out without pulling my hair. Oh boy, I love these! I wish we could specify the colors we’d like, but bottom line is, they’re great and in fact I have one in my hair as I type this.

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